2019 48hfp

Tiny Cinematic Universe

  • Master of Puppets

    Master of Puppets
    A poker game gone wrong drags a man into the seedy puppet underworld. Created by Brian Hogan and Patrick Boberg. Master of Puppets is the very first Tiny Explosion film. Bored late one Sunday afternoon Pat called up Brian and told him they were shooting a film. Brian grabbed some puppets and the rest is ridiculous history. Filming began on January 16, 2012 and the film was released onto the world February 2, 2012. watch Master of Puppets
  • The Chase Begins

    The Chase Begins
    No ever gets out. So what do you do? You run. A short filming Starring Brian Hogan, Andrew Stephen Pratt, Tim Denner
    Directed by Patrick Boberg & Brian Hogan
    Produced by Patrick Boberg With good friend and aspiring actor Andrew Pratt in town, Brian and Pat decided to produce a second short film. Shot in roughly six hours, The Chase Begins is the only Tiny Explosions piece that isn't a comedy (unless you count the ending) Watch The Chase Begins
  • Balls

    "These are my balls! This is my life!" NSFW! Tiny Explosions long held secret and funniest film sat unreleased for over a year. Films like Balls are what come when someone makes a gross joke late at night and someone else decides it needs to be filmed. Filmed in roughly 45 minutes. watch Balls
  • Desperate Times

    Desperate Times
    Late night gluttony comes with a price... Waiting for Brian's band -Handlebar- to play a gig, Pat and Brian decided to film a completely off the cuff short film. The best backstory available is that the narrative wasn't set on until half the film had been shot. watch Desperate Times
  • Trigger Words

    Trigger Words
    Tiny Explosions entry in the 2012 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project. Trigger Words won the Screening Group B Audience Award and Best Use of Character Award runner-up. Character: Chris Samuels, a musician
    Prop: Coloring book Line of Dialogue: "Let's Do it"
    Genre: Vacation/Holiday Film
    Filmed: 7/28-30/2012 All year we were prepping for #DM48HFP. Was a great deal of fun to shoot. Filmed in roughly 6 hours, edited in 9. watch Trigger Words
  • Game Night

    Game Night
    A night of games with friends takes a bizarre turn. Produced a couple months after Trigger Words, Game Night was the result of Brian's desire to film something with a googley-eyed sandwich. The script was entirely improvised and there is scads of unused game conversation remaining. watch Game Night
  • The Haircut

    The Haircut
    Just another day at the Franklin Plaza Barber Shop. - - - - - - - - - In December 2012 Brian purchased the Franklin Plaza Barber Shop. After a couple months of brainstorming, Pat and Brian decided to just wing it and film something. So one Saturday Brian told Pat to get a watermelon and bring it to the shop. Without access to a monkey, there truly is no better advertisement out there? watch The Haircut
  • Just a Few Tips

    Just a Few Tips
    Just a Few Tips" was Tiny Explosions entry in the 2013 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project. It received the third place audience award in its screening group. Tiny Explosions pulled Romance as its genre and the required elements for the 2013 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project were: Character: Jim Davis, coach Prop: stuffed animal Line of Dialogue: "Let's call it a day" Produced 7/27-29/2013 watch Just a Few Tips
  • Creat-Ur Own Fun!

    Creat-Ur Own Fun!
    Riding the wave of DM48HFP, Tiny Explosions made a creature-feature starring the children of TE's recurring leading man, Brian Hogan. watch Creat-Ur Own Fun!
  • Tiny Explosions: Assemble

    Tiny Explosions: Assemble
    Having not produced anything in eight months, Tiny Explosions most eccentric characters start their hunt for someone weird enough to join them on a 48 Hour Film adventure. [watch Tiny Explosions: Assemble](
  • Lost Soulmates

    Lost Soulmates
    "One hell of a blind date" ~ On his way to his first date in months, Nick Karras is unwittingly possessed by a demon disguised as panhandler. Nothing spices up a blind date like a possession. watch Lost Soulmates
  • Two Men and a Backpack

    Two Men and a Backpack
    The only thing standing between two men and making it to a wedding is a mysterious backpack. Tiny Explosions entry in the 2014 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project. Winner of the Best Use of Prop award. Runner Up Group D Audience Award. Character: Alex Simpson, real estate agent Prop: Backpack Line of Dialogue: "That's liquid gold." Genre: Sci Fi Filmed 7/25-27/2014 watch Two Men and a Backpack
  • Culling of Heirs

    Culling of Heirs
    Six estranged siblings come together for one last family dinner before they can inherit the family. Filmed 7/24-26/2015 watch Culling of Heirs
  • Almighty Haul

    Almighty Haul
    Two feuding criminals are caught off guard by a baptismal congregation. Tiny Explosions entry in the 2016 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project. Almighty Haul was lucky enough to advance to the awards round of films. Ended up being a big night for Tiny Explosions taking home Best Film, Runner-Up award and Best Use of Prop. Obviously a huge year for Tiny Explosions. Filmed 7/20-22/2016 watch Almighty Haul
  • Snap Back

    Snap Back
    Four friends out for a joy ride get trapped on a mysterious road. Once again our film was fortunate enough to screen at Best of City. It was a fun night, albeit humbling. Coming in second in 2016 made a few on our team a little grumpy when the night ended and we received zero awards. Some couldn't hide their displeasure. Filmed 7/21-23/2017 watch Snap Back
  • Palle Amorevoli

    Palle Amorevoli
    Love strikes a win on the lanes. Music composed, performed, and recorded by Jordan Mayland within the 48 Hour window. Awards received:
    Audience Award Group C Required Elements
    Character: Michael D'Amato, Chef
    Prop: Headphones
    Line of Dialogue: "Why am I always Last?"
    Genre: Musical
    Filmed 7/20-22/2018 watch Palle Amorevoli
  • red flag

    red flag
    Someone for Everyone. Awards received:
    Audience Award Group A Required Elements
    Character: Rhianna Hilton, Bookkeeper
    Prop: Water Bottle
    Line of Dialogue: "Something isn't right..."
    Genre: Romance
    Filmed: 7/20-22/2019 watch red flag
  • Family Tree

    Family Tree
    The holidays can be hard, marriage is harder. Eager to try something new, Tiny Explosions takes part in Film Racing's 100 Hour Film Race. We could choose the genre, they supply the theme, an action, and a prop. Theme: Sacrifice
    Action: Reading
    Prop: A Calendar Filmed 12/5-9/2019
    Family Tree will be release TBD
  • Black Hat Bingo

    Black Hat Bingo
    With everyone trapped in their houses, 48 developed a free online challenge called "Stuck at Home." The idea is 3 weekend challenges where filmmakers create shorts without breaking quarantine. Challenge one required a 2-7min film, including two lines of dialogue from a provided list (one of classic films, the other old 48 lines), and you had to shoot it all at home. Filmed 3/26-28/2020
    watch Black Hat Bingo
  • Citizen Wayne

    Citizen Wayne
    Challenge #2 for Stuck At Home was not traditional short, but a trailer mashing together two feature themes from a provided list of titles. Tiny Explosions mash-up was a mix together "Citizen Kane" and "The Dark Knight." Our required Logline was:Following the death of wealthy American industrialist Bruce Wayne, a reporter scrambles to uncover the meaning of his final utterance; 'I Am Batman'. watch Citizen Wayne
  • Quarantrims

    A custodian poses as a barber to deceive desperate people who are quarantined at home into giving him money for virtual haircut guidance. Produced as part of the #StuckAtHome48 challenge.
    Released on 4-20-2020 watch Quarantrims
  • To the Class of 2020

    To the Class of 2020
    A few words of wisdom for the graduating class of 2020. #StuckAtHome48 Watch "To the Class of 2020" here.
  • El Engaño!

    El Engaño!
    Tiny Explosions' 2020 submission to the 48 Hour Film Project Des Moines. It's the story of an inventive, but misguided man ventures to travel back in time to prove everyone wrong.
    Watch El Engaño! trailer
  • The Special

    The Special
    A diner having a slow day is thrown into chaos when two fugitives decide to stop in for lunch.
  • The Run

    The Run
    Our 2022 "Best of Des Moines" award winning short film for the Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project.
  • Murder Farm

    Murder Farm
    Our entry in the 2022 48 Hour Film Project Des Moines Horror event. Following a sick delay, we ended up scrapping our first film and making Murder Farm in less than 8 hours.