tims timeline

  • Abrahm Lincoln was inograted

    Abrahm Lincoln was inograted
    President Lincoln abolished slavery.
    President Licoln defeated the confederacy.
    President Lincoln wrote the gettysburgh address
  • Andrew Johnson got inograted

    Andrew Johnson got inograted
    president Johnson took over Abraham Lincolns position when he was assinated.
    President Johnson was a republican.
    President Johnson was impeached on Febuary 24, 1868
  • Ulysses S. Grant was inograed

    Ulysses S. Grant was inograed
    President Ulysses S Grant was in the civil war.
    President Ulysses S Grant was a general in the civil war.
    President Ulysses S Grant also made the confederates surender on July 3,1863
  • Rutherford B. hayes

    Rutherford B. hayes
    President Rutherford B. hayes was a Republican.
    President Rutherford B. hayes Compromise of 1877.
    President Rutherford B. hayes Pronounced the necessity of creating an American controlled canal in Panama
  • James A. Garfeild

    James A. Garfeild
    President James A. Garfeild was a republican.
    President James A. Garfeild didn't even serve a year in office.
    President James A. Garfeild served six months and 15 days in office.
  • Chester A. Arthur

    Chester A. Arthur
    President Chester A. Arthur was a republican.
    President Chester A. Arthurs nickname was “elegant Arthur".
    President Chester A. Arthur President Arthur made no Inaugural Address.
  • Grover Clevland

    Grover Clevland
    President Grover Clevland was a democrate.
    President Grover Clevland tryed to fix the economic depression
    President Grover Clevland took over Hawaii
  • bengerman harison

    bengerman harison
  • Grover Clevland

    Grover Clevland
    President Grover Clevland Signed the Sherman Silver Purchase Act.
    President Grover Clevland Allowed McKinley Tariff to become law without his signature.
    President Grover Clevland Good Citizenship.
  • Theodor Roosevelt

    Theodor Roosevelt
    President Theodor Roosevelt was known as the trust buster.
    President Theodor Roosevelt broke some of the bigest trusts in the U.S.
    President Theodor Roosevelt freed the phillapineain people from the spainyards.