Timeline Vladimir Putin

Timeline created by KarenMartzz
In History
  • KGB secret agent (to 1990)

  • Fall of the USSR

  • Employed by Kremlin

  • Head of FSB (ex-KGB)

  • Prime minister under Yeltsin, then acting president

    Launches 2nd Chechen offensive
  • Elected president

  • Re-elected president

    Beslan school siege: More than 330 die in assault by security forces.
  • Limited to 2 successive terms.

    Swaps places with Primer Minister Dimitri Medvedev.
  • Re-elected president

  • Sends troops into Ukaine

  • Intervenes in Syrian war on side of regime

  • Accused of interfering in US presidential election

  • Re-elected for 4th term

  • Inaguration