Timeline Project for Music History 1 - Mary Dunn

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  • 500

    Medieval Period Begins

  • 1030

    Guido of Arezzo's Micrologus

    The innovation of this document is the creation of the hexachord system.
  • 1098

    Hildegard of Bingen Birth

  • 1179

    Hildegard of Bingen Death

  • 1323

    Ars Nova Treatise

    The innovation of this piece was the introduction of meter signatures at the start of the song.
  • 1450

    Medieval Period Ends

  • 1450

    Renaissance Period Begins

  • 1485

    Josquin's Ave Maria Motet

  • 1529

    Martin Luther Chorale Ein feste burg

  • 1538

    Arcadelt Madrigal Il bianco e dolce cigno

  • 1567

    Palestrina Pope Marcellus Mass

    The significance of this piece is that the style used which is known as the "Palestrina Style" has been used as a model for composers over generations and is still the idea format used in present-day textbooks.
  • Victoria Missa O magnum mysterium

  • Gabrieli Sonata pian’e forte

    It was created in Venice, Italy at St. Mark's Basilica. It was the first piece to introduce dynamics as well as specify the instrument that would play a part.
  • Renaissance Period Ends