timeline PNW

  • Arther A denny

    Arther A denny
    lived in seattle ,wa seattles founding father seattles leader denny hall washington state university seperation of oregon and washington this is important becauase if he didnt disscover seattle we wouldnt be here .
  • lewis and clark exspadition

    lewis and clark exspadition
    illinois territory (presend day heart ford) found and categorized animals and plants and exsplored the uncharted lands and found 178 new plants. responceable for the big mass amounts of pionners travaling to the west they disscoverd gold.its important because if they didnt set out to go look for new land they proplbly woudnt of found the land that seattle lyes on today and we wouldnt be here .
  • The Oregon trial

    The Oregon trial
    used from 1811-1906 it was from oregon to missuri furtrappers and traders lade the beggingings of the oregon trail from about 1846-1869 oregon trial impacted to have farmers come to find new land farming land to grow crops .the oregon trail is important because it gave us crops and food to farm on and if this didnt happen we would go hungry and have a small city becuase of the lack of food and jobs .
  • Chief Joseph

    Chief Joseph
    death september 21,1904 famous speech made a surrender speech when he was a millitary leader they took him back home. he made peace with his tribe in the us.
  • THE Whitman massacure

    THE Whitman massacure
    on november 29th,1847 the umatilla indians killed the whitman family it created a war in 1848ended 1885. because it impacted with all the people that died from the war over 500 settlers died that started.and its important because if we didnt have this ther woudnt of been a war.
  • John j Hill

    John j Hill
    born 1838-died 1860 lived in spokan and was a banker and invloved in railroading helped build the canadian railroad. he impackted the us by building rail roads to help builders in the future .if we didnt have rail roads it would be diffrent becuase thats our main trasportaion for goods and food and stuff.
  • the great Seattle Fire

    the great Seattle Fire
    the great seattle fire was caused when a worker in a cabinet makeing shop heated glue over a gas fire and it caught on fire and the worker tryed to put it out but it was to late so it spred.it burnt down the intire city district and busness district and four of seattles where houses and rail road terminals it was the most distructive fire in seattle. its important because if this didnt happen i think that seattle would look a lot diffrent then what it looks like today.
  • klondike gold rush

    klondike gold rush
    first disscoverd in aug 14, 1896 the gold rush was from 1896-1899 40,000 people made it out of the gold rush and 100,000 people travaled their. it effected washington because they went trough the water routs whitch increased the economy and tourisim.its important because it created seattles economy and had tourisim that helped seatlle and if this didnt happen we propbably wouldnt have the things we have today.
  • Bill gates

    Bill gates
    invented microsoft in 1975 its grown into big selling and makeing computers. he's one of the most ritchest people alive. it changed the way people look at computers because of what he invented he created one of the most charitable foundatond and raised 28 billion dollers.