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Timeline of the U.S.S. Galena

  • Building of U.S.S. Galena

    Building of U.S.S. Galena
    The Union has begun the construction of the U.S.S. Galena, as a wooden huled boat, but the above water part is iron plated. The Galena was built in 100 days and only cost $275,000.
  • The U.S.S. Galena Launced

    The U.S.S. Galena Launced
    In February 14, 1862 the half iron clad Union boat was launced.
  • Glanea Towed to Fort Monroe

    Glanea Towed to Fort Monroe
    The Galena was towed to Fort Monroe to join the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron.
  • Prusuit of Richmond

    Prusuit of Richmond
    Galena traveled up the James River with gunboats Port Royal and Aroostook on May 8, 1862 in the pursuit of Richmond.
  • Moved to Hampton Roads

    She was detached from the James River Flotilla in September 1862 and assigned to picket duty at Hampton Roads.
  • Reapaired to a Wood Boat

    She was sent on May 21, 1863 to Philadelphia for repairs. Her iron plating was stripped off and the Galena was turned into a wooden hull ship.
  • Joins West Gulf Blockading Squardron

    She finally joined the West Gulf Blockading Squadron in Pensacola on May 20, 1864. She was assigned to blockade Mobile, Alabama, and participated in the attacks on the fort. She was then transferred to the East Gulf Blockading Squadron out of Key West.
  • Galena Decomissioned

    Decommissioned in November 1864 for repairs and sent back to the North Atlantic Squadron in Newport News, Virginia, she served as a picket and patrol ship at the mouth of the Nansemond River and the James River.
  • Final Decommission

    Her final decommissioning was June 1865.
  • Galena Rrecommissioned

    She was then decommissioned in Portsmouth on June 5, 1865 and then recommissioned for movement to Hampton Roads.
  • Galena Broken Up

    Through survey the Galena was condemned in 1870 and broken up at the Norfolk Navy Yard in 1872.