Timeline of The Smiths' Singles and Albums

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  • The Smiths' first single "Hand in Glove"

    The Smiths' first single "Hand in Glove"
    The Smiths' "Hand in Glove" written by singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr. It was released as the band's first single in May 1983 on independent record label Rough Trade.
  • "This Charming Man" Music Video

    "This Charming Man" Music Video
    The song “This Charming Man” revolves around the Smiths’ theme of sexual ambiguity and lust. Singer, Morrissey wrote “This Charming Man” to evoke an older, more coded, and self-aware underground scene. The song becomes No.25 in UK Single Charts in music and mainstream press.
  • "The Smiths" Debut Album

    "The Smiths" Debut Album
    The Smiths’ first studio album by Label Rough Trade Record. The album becomes No.2 in UK Album Chart from well-received by critics and listeners. The album cover was designed by the singer, Morrissey featuring American actor, Joe Dallesandro from Andy Warhol’s film “Flesh.”
  • "Meat is Murder"

    "Meat is Murder"
    “Meat is Murder” is the Smiths’ second album release. The phrase Meat is Murder is more strident and politic involving pro-vegetarian. The Smiths came into controversy when Morrissey takes his political stances towards Margaret Thatcher and her administration, the royal monarchy, and his music.
  • "The Queen is Dead"

    "The Queen is Dead"
    The Smiths’ “The Queen is Dead” is the most prominent album during 1986 ranking No.2 in UK Album Chart and No.70 in U.S Billboard 200. “The Queen is Dead” is labeled the greatest album of all time in Rolling Stone and British Maganize NME. The albums contain well-known and commercial-use songs such as “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” and “Big Mouth Strikes Again.”
  • "Girlfriend in a Coma" Music Video

    "Girlfriend in a Coma" Music Video
    “Girlfriend in a Coma” feature clips from the film “The Leather Boys” (1964). The song is part of the upcoming album “Strangeways, Here We Come.”
  • “Strangeways, Here We Come”

    “Strangeways, Here We Come”
    “Strangeways, Here We Come” is The Smiths’ fourth and final album. The album listed No.69 in Slant Magazine on its “Best albums of the 1980s.”
  • The Smiths Split

    The Smiths Split
    On October 18, 1987, the Smith split up after releasing their final album “Strangeways, Here We Come.” Singer, Morrissey pursue his career as a solo artist collaborating with the band, Stephen Street while Guitarist, Johnny Marr returned to the music scene in 1989 collaborating with New Order’s Bernard Summer and Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant forming the band, Electronic.