Timeline of the bicycle

  • Jan 1, 1418

    Giovanni Fontana built the first human powered land vehicle.

    It had four wheels and used an endless rope connected via gears to the wheels. This was in the renaissance.
  • Baron von Drais invented a walking machine

    It was used to help him get around the royal Gardens
  • The velocipede or boneshaker was invented

    They attached pedals onto the front wheel making it capable of riding. They called it the boneshaker because it was made entirely out of wood so it was very uncomfortable.
  • Friedrich Fischer mass produced steel ball bearings.

    Friedrich Fischer first mass produces steel ball bearings.
  • Browett and Harrison patent an early caliper brake.

  • The kids bike was invented

    It was invented in the 50's and by the 60's there was major improvments.
  • Bmx bikes became popular

    people brought their bikes onto dirt tracks and the sport began. There was no one person who invented the bike.