Timeline of the 1800's

  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    United States payed $15 million to receive the territory which extends west from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. Napoleon was willing to give that huge chunk of land for a very little price because of war debt.
  • Lewis and Clarke expedition

    Lewis and Clarke expedition
    Lewis and Clark set out to explore the new territories of the Louisiana purchase.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    U.S. declared war on Britain over Britian's influence over American shipping to Europe and their attempt to prevent it and over their interfering into America's westward expansion.
  • Spanish Sucession

    Spanish Sucession
    Spain cedes Florida to America.
  • Mexican War

    Mexican War
    The Mexican War took place because of America's effort to gain California and other territory in and around Southwest.
  • California Gold Rush

    California Gold Rush
    Gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in California in 1848, and after the news spread that gold had been discovered there, thousands of Americans dropped everything they had and moved to California in hopes to get lucky.
  • Abraham Lincoln's Election

    Abraham Lincoln's Election
    Abraham Lincoln, was elected on this day. Soon after he was elected, South Carolina seceded from the Union which was soon followed by the Civil War.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    The Civil War was the conflict between the North and the South over the expansion of slavery into western states and over the preservation of the Union.