timeline of slipknot

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  • M.F.K.R .-1

    M.F.K.R .-1
    slipknot said "Mate feed kill repeat" is consider a demo album. the band had constant changes with the band members
  • slipknot .1

    slipknot .1
    the self titled album is the first official album from slipknot.
    The band would do crazy acts at their live concerts like stay driving from very high place and setting themselves on fire. fan fact the band calls their fans maggots. this came from Shawn Crahan he made up the name cuz he was taking photos of a dead deer and he could see the maggots jumping up and down and he said they look like the people in the mosh pits at there shows.
  • iowa.2

    IOWA the secret album from slipknot being one one of the most heavy albums of all time.the band hand thoughts of splitting up after the first album cuz they didn't know if this would just be a side progent or a creere. the album got no3 on the charts of most lissento album. the album was band from all stores and radio station for coming out so close to 9/11.people think the attack and acts of vilcans is caused by music like slipknot. most metalhead enjoy classical music and use meal as therapy
  • the subliminal verses .3

    the subliminal verses .3
    after the band's first two albums got so popular that almost everybody at the time new the name slipknot. there started living the rockstars lifestyle filled with drugs and s .
    the band new that this lifestyle is killing them slowly all the band members all got sober at there on speed. ounces all the members were sober they made this album about the struggles and recovery of the past
  • all hope is gone .4

    all hope is gone .4
    all hope is gone is the 4th album from slipknot. Shawn Crahan aka Clown
    was taking pictures in a abandoned school for the upcoming album when he found the words all hope is gone spray painted.
    all the band members thought that it would be a great song name and an even better album name but colwn didn't agree with the message of all hope is gone
  • The grey chapter .5

    The grey chapter .5
    all slipknot album have a theme the theme for this album was death. inspired by the death of paul gruy and the pain and sadness everyone fillet over it. the album as a way to release the hate, sadness and pain the band was suffering. " I use pain as a paintbrush " Shawn Crahan
  • all out life .6 1/2

    all out life .6 1/2
    all out life was a surprise to all the maggots coming out of nowhere from the big 4 year brack. the music video was a hint to a further album come soon. "all out life is a song that is trying to do two things: bring everyone together, but also remind everyone that the past is not something to be discarded with disdain"
  • We Are Not Your Kind .6

    We Are Not Your Kind .6
    wanyk is the newest album in the timeline of slipknot.
    the album arend too awards for best band in the and best album in the world. corey taylor. " 'We Are Not Your Kind' represents that gathering of people together and then turning our backs towards the rest of the world and saying, 'We're not going to let your illness, your hate, permeate us. We are not your kind. You will never be ours"
  • Period: to

    the new guys

    too members of the band were replaced. paul gray and joey jordison.
    joey jordison was fired for slipknot because at some of the shows an consts joey would seem off or unsteady. all the other band members thought that joey was drinking or on some type of drug and ever scene .3 they been super anti drug. but it turns out that joey was not on anything but he had a flesh eat disease destroying is legs.bases paul gruy sady died in may 24 2010 in is hotell of drug overdose. being replaced by
  • Period: to

    the new guys pert V .2

    bases paul gruy sady died in may 24 2010 in is hotell of drug overdose. He would soon be replaced by Alessandro Venturella aka V man
  • Period: to

    the new guys pert J

    joey jordison was replaced by jay weinberg a slipknot fan who goes by J man.