Timeline of Queen

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  • Smile

    The band Smile was formed with Brian May and Tim Staffell. In June, Roger Taylor applied and became the band's drummer. Tim then left the band to join a different one named Humpy Bong. Freddie Bulsara came along replacing Tim as lead singer.
  • Smile --> Queen

    Smile --> Queen
    Freddie insists on changing the name of the band to Queen and so they do. June 27, 1970, Mike Grose joined the band as bass guitarist. Grose was eventually replaced with Barry Mitchell in August '70. Barry eventually left being replaced by Doug X. February '71 John Decon steps in as the new (and final) bass player.
  • Freddie Mercury

    Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Balsara --> Freddie Mercury
    '72 the crest logo for Queen was designed by Freddie
  • Trident Studios

    Trident Studios
    Queen signed a recording contract with Trident Studios, being managed by Neptune Productions. Trident signed a contract with EMI.
  • First Album

    First Album
    They released their first album called "Queen" and it reached 83 in the US and 47 in the UK
  • Second Album

    Second Album
    They released their second album "Queen II" and it reached 5 in the Uk and 49 in the US. May '74 Brian May fell on stage due to hepatitis.
  • Sell out Tour

    Sell out Tour
    Queen started a tour of the US that sold out. They hired lawyers to get out of their contract with Trident. April 2, Queen played in Canada for the first time. April '75 Queen took a tour in Japan
  • Trident --> John Reid

    Trident --> John Reid
    Queen got out of the contract with Trident and signed a management deal with John Reid.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody
    The band wanted to release BR as a single but was turned down by many radio stations. Freddie gives it to a friend of his that was a DJ telling him not to play it but he did. BR was released on Oct. 31 and stayed at #1 in the UK for 9 consecutive days and reached 9 in the US. This was the first single to have a music video released with it.
  • Sheer Heart Attack

    Sheer Heart Attack
    Sheer Heart Attack was released and reached 2 in the UK charts and 12 in the US.