Timeline of Photography

  • First Photography

    The first camera photography permanent was in the 1820s Necephore Niepce, a French.The photograph took 8 hrs to expose, so he then worked with Louis Daguerre.
  • Period: to

    Evolution of Photography

  • Another One

    In Brazil during 1830s Hercules Florence also found a similar process to Daguerre
  • Dead But Still Working

    Niepce died in 1833, but Daguerre kept working on the daguerreotype in 1837.
  • The First Color Photography

    The First Color Photography
    First color was taken in 1851, by James Clerk Maxwell in red blue and green filters.
  • Dye Sensitization

    Discovery of dye sensitization by Hermann Wilhelm Vogel
    in 1873.
  • The First Tripack Color Film

    Kodachrome was the first modern integral tripack color film, made by Kodak in 1935.
  • Consumer Cameras

    Sony showed the first consumer camera that uses a charge-coupled for the Sony Mavica in 1981.
  • Today

    Today we use photography to study and take pictures for science, movement, and for fun.
  • The Future

    The Future
    In the future, you can take pictures with your mind, and the camera will be upgraded to a change-color camera.
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