Timeline of Mirabel's Life

By makaela
  • Bones of the soothsayer

    Mirabel goes to the soothsayer to change her name. She s told to pick a bone form the box, she picks a white cats bone and the soothsayer scribes her future onto the bone.
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    Timeline of Mirabel's Life

  • Rose and the Painting Book

    Mirabel gets her painting book taken of her by her evil teacher and tries to gte it back. She also meets a new friend named rose who becomes her best friend.
  • Foreign Devil

    Mirabel comes home from school and Lola and Mama are having a fight, mama gets really sick and cant make dinner so Mirabel has to make dinner for her family.
  • Clasping at Shadows

    Mama goes to Forest Glades Care Accomodation because she is sick, Mirabel goes to visit her and Mama says "I am not the person you think i am".
  • Lily Feet

    Rose and Mirabel are at a Cafe having lunch. Rose tells her how she has cousins that are in Shanghai who are being afeected by the war and she thinks that they are dead. Mirabel then takes Rose to meet her Great Aunty May nd she tells her the story of how her feet got bounded and Rose finds out that Mirabels real name is Lei An. Mirabel is loving life with her new best friend.
  • A Wild Moth Flutters

    It is the night of Margo's 21st and Mirabel and Lola are approaching the party, Lola then sees a shadow and walks up to it, it is her soldier boyfriend, lola then leaves Mirabel to go to the party by herself, Mirabel walks in and sees her cousin straight away and starts talking to her.Mirabel then sees a hot guy and cant stop staring at him. Margo then gets a phone call that her husand had been seriously injured.
  • Freedom Freedom Freedom

    It is Mirabels last day of school and she is so excited. Her and Rose are talkign about what they are gonna do when they are older, Rose wants to be a Lawyer and Mirabel cant make up her mind.
  • Angel

    Mirabel goes to work with her dad, her dad gives her a parcel to bring to a house and she takes a shortvut to get there, she soon gets lost and finds herself in a dark alleyway, she knocks on a door for directions and soon realises that it is a prostitute she gets worried but she is really nice and gives her the directions to the house. When mirabel gets to the house it is locked so she just slides it through the mail slot.
  • Secret Maps

    Mirabel goes to visit Margo and Haryy who is back from the war but sick. She is having lunch there and meets fred, a friend of Harry's. Harry asks Mirabel what she wants to be and she doesnt know and he says she should be a cartographer and he tells her to go to his office the next week.
  • Pretty Little Ching

    Mirabel is still at Margo's and Fred offers her ride home but she refuses and walks home instead, she decides to walk through chinatown, she then gets into a bit of a fight with some soldiers who want to do stuff with her and then JJ comes and threatens to break there arm sif they dont leave her alone. They leave and JJ walks Mirabel to the bus stop and tells her not to be out at night and leaves. It was her mystery man but she didnt get his name.
  • The Art of Map-Making

    Fred invites her to the work room and makes her sit an exam to see if she is good enough to work there. She passes and strts working the next day. She met some new people and loved working as a cartographer and she would often find herself thinking about the chinese soldier that saved her the other night.
  • Scent of Butterflies

    Mirabel was coming home from work one night and noticed that the light was on in the good room. She walked past the room and took a glance in, she saw her father talking to 2 soldiers and one was the guy from the party, she was so confused her father called her to come in the room and talk to the soldiers, the soldiers stayed for dinner and her father said that she was to bring them around melbourne the next day.
  • Be Brave Belle

    Mirabel walked to the bridge to meet up with the soldiers but only JJ was there, he said the other one couldnt come and he was going to leave then she said no we can just go around together and he agreed. they went on a tram ride together and he told her to call him JJ.
  • Thrill Ride

    Mirabel brought JJ to luna park but he didnt want to go and he kept refusing but they ended up goign anyway they ahd so much fun, after luna park they went to the beach and talked about there lives but JJ didnt reveal alot because he wasnt allowed to because of his job.
  • Tangled Thoughts

    Mirabel, Rose, Jock and Murray were all out for lunch at a cafe and Jock had a really big crush on Rose. Mirabel then had to leave early because she was meeting up with JJ. She went to the bridge where she was meeting him but she couldnt find him and got worried. He was not coming. Jimmy aslo beocmes very sick and needs a very hard to find drug to get better or he will die.
  • The Other Girl

    Mirabel is worried about JJ because he didnt meet up with her so she decides to go to the boarding house to see him, when she gets there she sees JJ and another girl getting close, she was so angry so she walked up to them, JJ saw mirabel and started introducing the girl to her... it was a friends sister. mirabel asked him why he didnt come and told him how Jimmy was sick and needed the new drug to get better and JJ said he could get it.
  • Scattering Winds

    Mirabel saw JJ and much as she could. Mirabel often saw her aunt and JJ would come too when he was free. JJ had got the medicine for Jimmy and he was recovering. JJ and Mirabel went on a picnic date by the lake and told each other more about there lives.
  • Paradise

    JJ and Mirabel are going to Tasmania for some alone time. They were staying in a little cottage on the outskirts of Hobart.They talk anout how they will be together and move to china.They have unprotected sex which leads to a disaster later on.
  • Away

    JJ is having dinner at Mirabel's home because he is going back to china. Mama finds out that she is in love with JJ but promises not to tell Dad. They drive down to the ship where he is departing but when he says his goodbyes to Mirabel it is like they are just friends and she feels upset, he walks up the gangplank and is gone.
  • Mama's Secret

    Mirabel is still upset becasue of JJ's departure. one night mirabel was walking to her room when she heard her parents fighting, Father repeated the name Chen Su Ting lots and she seemed to remeber it, he was the one she delivered the money package to, she asked lola and she said that she had delivered the package to him too. Mirabel looked out her window and saw someone in her backyard next to a little fire,s he didnt know who it was so she went downstairs to see. It was her mother.
  • Mama's Secret Cont.

    Mother tells Mirabel how there were 2 bestfriends that lived in a village, one had to leave the village to get married to a chinese man across the river, before she could meet her future husband she died, the other girl was then told to swap places with the dead and marry the man. The family had to pay money monthly to the dead girls parents or they would report her and she would have to go to jail. Mama thinks that because she took her friends identity she was cursed.
  • Guardian Angel

    After finding out that she is pregant she goes to Angel's for advice, Angel gives her directions of a place that does abortions. She stood outside the house a took a deep breath and walked in, she waited in the waiting room then she realised she wantd to keep the baby, as her name was called she ran out of the room and out the door. She new this was the right thing to do.
  • Black Words

    She wrote a letter to JJ expressing how angry she was with him, she sealed it and put it in the mailbox. Mirabel then decided it was time to tell her mum a nd dad that she was pregnant, father was furious and mama was upset. Father didnt like the idea that she was keeping the baby but it was her choice, so he said she had to give it away and she was not allowed to leave the hosue until it was gone.
  • Despair

    Mirabel recived a letter from JJ saying how much he missed her and that they would be together soon. She had quit her job at the office. On night auntie may came over for dinner and whenever she tried to include mirabel into the conversations, father would glare at mirabel not to respond. when she was leaving mirabel pulled her aside and told her that father wanted her to give it away and auntie may said that she should run away to adelaide and stay with Eva, Mirabel found hope.
  • Eva by the Sea

    Mirabel is running away from home and finds her brother smoking outside, she then walks to flinders st station and arrived at adelaide station where she was met by her pen pal Eva, she takes her in like family and books a hospital for when she has her baby.
  • The Curse

    The war had ended and there was a celebration in Melbourne, Mirabels whole family was going but she stayed home. Mirabel had missed a period and started to get worried she felt sick and ran to the bathroom and vomited, then it hit her... she was pregnant. She went to the doctor and it was confirmed. she new that this would bring shame upon her family. She told rose the news and she said she was gonna get rid of it, then she went and told her auntie who was happy and wanted her to keep it.
  • Treasure

    Mirabel has her baby boy and names it Bao Bao meaning Little Treasure. A few days after she had got home from the hospital her mother and father came to see her, mama was excited to see the baby but father acted as if it wasnt there. he told her that he ahd made arrangements for another family to have it but Mirabel didnt want to give it up.
  • Imprisoned

    Mama had some how convinced Father to let Mirabel come back home and keep the baby but she was never allowed to leave the house and noone was to know about Bao Bao. Father was also arranging for JJ and Mirabel to get married. Mama seemed to be getting even sicker. One day the doorbell rang and she was the only one home so she answered it but hid Bao Bao it was JJ's friend, he had bought a present for her from JJ, it was a wedding ring and a letter saying that would be together very soon.
  • A New Plan

    Rose and Mirabel meet in the park.. she shows her a picture of Bao Bao and her ring. She says that she is leaving for Shanghai to see JJ, Rose says that she is goign to write to her aunt and uncle to see if Mirabel can stay with them. Mirabel also feels bad about leaving her mum so she decides she is going to beg Ai Ling's father to stop blackmailing her family.
  • The Dress of Healing

    Mirabel goes to vist Chen Su Ting to stop him from blackmailing their family, he thinks that she is his dead daughter and Mirabel says he is a bad man and walks away. When she gets home she decides to design a dress for her mum called the dress of healing.
  • Sandalwood

    Mirabel tells her mother that she is going to Shanghai, mama new this day would come, mama gave mirabel a gold and jade necklace and told her that i would all be okay and that she would tell father when the time was right.
  • The Dress and the Letter

    Mirabel had so much to do before she was to depart, lola had given her a list of things she wanted from Shanghai and mama told her to only bring the essentials. The night before she was going to leave she gave her mum the dress and some shoes. Rose was over for dinner and father handed a letter to mother,l it said that Chen Su Ting will finally be leaving the family alone.
  • The Last Wave

    It was the day of Mirabels departure, her whole family had gone with her to the boat (except for father who wanted to stay in the car) to say there final goodbyes. The boat was departing and her family was throwing streamers onto the boat until the boat was too far away to reach.
  • The Dead City

    Mirabel was enjoying her freedom on the boat, one night she had dinner with a nice english couple which she became very good friends with. They offered her a ride into the main city and stopped at a horrific sight, she saw a lady with a baby on her back and mirabel so sorry for them so she gave them one of Bao jackets.
  • The Oracle Thief

    Mirabel and Bao Bao were waiting at the wharf for Rose's Auntie and Uncles to come and pick her up, it was crowded and she was holding Bao Bao and her bags close. Then a man came up to her and asked if she was selling Bao Bao she yelled at him to call the police, then she saw the man dissapear into the crowd holding her suitcase, she ran after him and met up with max on the way. They got in the pedicab and after a while she saw a big crowd gathered.
  • The Oracle Thief Cont.

    She soon noticed that a bus had ran into a stall and hit some pedestrians, she noticed the thief lying under the bus holding her suitcase, she ran up to him and grabbed her suitcase and got back into the cab.
  • Lost on the Sea

    Mirabel arrived at their small apartment with Max, where she was greeted by there 2 small children and Rachel his wife, she showed Mirabel her room and then told her to come have lunch with them to talk about life in Australia and JJ.
  • The Boy from Poland

    The next morning everyone had gone to work and school except for Rachel, when mirabel woke up she heard voice she she went in the loungeroom to find rachel and a guest having breakfast, it was stefan he was a friend of the family and was polish. Stefan soon left and Mirabel asked Rachel to tell her about Stefan, then Rachels house keeper arrived Rachel introduced her to Mirabel, then stefan came back and said he could help her find JJ's brother,
  • The Underground Press

    Mirabel leaves with stefan to find JJ's brother. They arrive at a building, a small boy answered the door, they saw papers in bundles on bikes in a hallway a realised it was a printing press, they asked for Lin Jin Yu but they said they hadnt heard of him before and left.
  • The Mironov Ballet

    Rachel buys 3 tickets to go see swan lake which Mirabel has wanted to see for ages, she had also designed a dress for the special occassion. when it had ended she was so happy and loved it, as they were getting into the taxi she saw the boy from the paper press staring at her from around a corner.
  • The Shanghailanders

    Mirabel goes to Chrissy and Edwards house to ask if Edward would be making any buisness trips near JJ's village but he says no so she would have to take the boat which she new would be dangerous.
  • Dynamite and Ducklings

    Mirabel was on the boat that was headed to JJ's village, it was a small boat which fit about 12 people. During the trip she was sitting next to an old man with some ducklings in a bmboo basket, on her other side there were 3 university students. They were almost tehre when a boat of 4 soldiers stopped next to them, the boat then came to a stop and everyone on board got off, the soldiers got them to line up so they could investigate them all.
  • Dynamite and Ducklings Cont.

    the man with the ducklings dropped his basket and started running but the soldier shot him before he was to far away. In the mans basket was a package filled with dynamite. Then everyone got back onto the boat except for the 3 university students who were still talking to the soldiers, they were pushed to the ground and shot. Mirabel was horrified.
  • Silhouette in Sunlight

    When Mirabel got off the boat a man asked her where she was going, suprisingling she was going the same way as him, so he got on his bike, she asked him if he new JJ and he said he was his cousin. She arrived at the house and found JJ's mother who was so excited to see her then JJ walked in, they were both so excited to see each other.
  • Cafe de Paris

    Mirabel takes Rachels kids to the park. Frieda goes up to Mirabel and says a boy wants to see her, but he was gone and he had said to meet her at a cafe. she went home quickly and dropped the kids off and went to the cafe she sat there waiting for someone to come. Jin Yu soon appeared with a letter from JJ.She asked him where he was so he could go see him but he wouldnt let her.After there chat they both left and Mirabel was wondering how she could go and visit JJ.
  • Squatters in Paradise

    JJ and Mirabel are living together in a mansion, but they are staying with 6 other families. JJ and Mirabel have been married for a year now. She designed her wedding dress. She often writes to Rose and Eva. Mirabel also works at 'Murchison, Glass & Co' where she was filing and writing letters.
  • Exodus

    Rachel visits Mirabel at her hosue and tells her that she is moving because it is becoming to dangerous in Shanghai. They went down to the wharf for there departure and said there goodbyes. Mirabel also gets a letter from Lola.
  • Deserted

    Shanghai was slowly changing. The rate of inflation had risen and Mirabel could hardly pay for food. One day she went to visit Chrissy and Edward and found them packing, they too were leaving. Chrissy tells Mirabel that she should think about moving too but she doesnt want to go anywhere. When she gets home JJ aslo tell her that they should think about leaving. She felt scared.
  • Conspiracy

    Jin Yu comes to there apartment. He asks JJ if he wants to come to a meeting that night, but he denied saying it was too dangerous. Thye tell him to be careful and he leaves with a cheeky grin on his face.
  • The Condemned

    Mr Tan was a creepy frog-faced man that lived in Mirabels apartment, whilst she was working down the street she saw many open-backed trucks drive past with people in the back. Thye were communist soldiers that had been caught and were about to be killed. Mirabel immediately thought of Jin Yu but she new he was too smart for anything to happen to him.
  • Paradise Lost

    Mirabel comes home to find JJ curled up in the corner crying, she asks him what is wrong. It was Jin Yu he had been captured at the meeting the other night, the whole thing was a trap. JJ had to leave the home for a few days to find someone to help them get out of Shanghai.
  • The Fugitive

    Mirabel had started packing for her departure and realised that she had lost her oracle bone, it was in her drawer at work so she went to go get it. When she got there it was dark and trashed, she saw the security guards gun on the floor and grabbed it for protection. When she got to her desk she saw the boy from the paper press, he was hiding and he had Mirabels bone. He gave it to her and she went home.
  • The Fugitive Cont.

    When she got home she found frogface in her apartment with Bao Bao, she was horrified and hit him with a tray, she told him to leave and he left with blodd gushing from his wound.
  • The Interrogation

    Later that night she got a knock at the door. She opened the door to find 4 men - frogface, a kuomintang government official and 2 soldiers. They asked her a few questions about being with the Communists but she denied saying she was an australian citizen and that her father was a supporter of the kuomintang gov. Thr officer said that he had heard of her dad and left Mirabel. Later that night JJ arrived home with a way to get out of Shanghai and they were all packed to leave in the morning.
  • Flight to Fortune

    They had left there house and were headed for the dock. There were soldiers everywhere. In the distance they saw 2 soldiers talking to the fisherman of the boat they were goign on. The soldiers told the fisherman to go. They watched in despair as there boat disappeared down the river, JJ said to go up the river and after a while they saw there boat parked on the river. They got on the boat and were now headed for Hong Kong.