Timeline of early american history

  • Trreaty of Paris

    Trreaty of Paris
    After the seven years of war, the French signed a treaty to end the war. After the treaty was signed, France lost all of its ownership of Canada and Spain claimed Louisiana. This treaty strengthened the 13 colonies, and took away European rivals to the colonies. This is also called the Treaty of Paris.
    *This began the revolution of change for the next 116 years until the reconstruction.
  • Period: to

    History of America 1763_1876

  • First Chamber of Commerce Forms

    First Chamber of Commerce Forms
    Founded by 20 buisness men in NYC, it was created to serve local buisness community. In the buisness industry this group became extremely important.
    *This is still extremely important in America's economy today, it is a key to the foundation of our financial world.
  • George Washington puts a ban on blacks enlisting in the army.

    George Washington puts a ban on blacks enlisting in the army.
    George Washington banned black men from fighting in the continental army. In 1776 he raised the ban because of the lack of manpower in war.
    *One of the first laws against the colored population, but it also brought upon the beginnig of more hatred towards African americans.
  • Decleration of Independance

    Decleration of Independance
    The Decleration of Independance declared our nations independance and the men who signed it, risked their lives and stood up for their beliefs. This is the reason we are American today nad not British, or some other European group.
    *This document is what our country is founded on.
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
    In this battle, General George Washington led his ill-equipped, poorly fed, tired, cold soldiers into battle. In the end france aided Washington.
    *This started many more battles for independance of the Nation and the colonies.
  • Economy Shatters

    Economy Shatters
    After the French and Indian War ended, America's economy was completely destroyed. Cheap British goods were imported and sold, causing more downfall to the colonies. The fragile country had unexperienced leaders and the people as a whole were all being affected by the economic crisis. In polotics, the most heated discussions were as James Madison wrote between, "the class with and the class without property."

    *This begins the financial problems we still face today.
  • Virginia Plan Proposed

    Virginia Plan Proposed
    James Madison proposed a strong central government made up of 3 branches. Judicial, Legislative, Executive.
    *Our government is based on these principals.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Fugitive Slave Act
    The Fugitive Slave Act of 1793, stated that any slave under ownership would be siezed and captured and any city, counsel, town person had power to arrest the slave. A fine of $500 would be given to any person found aiding a fugitive slave.
    *This took away freedoms and rights of all colored people. The 1900's repeated this.
  • Jefferson is elected 2nd U.S. president

    Jefferson is elected 2nd U.S. president
    The electoral college breaks the tie between the two presidential canidates, Burr and Jefferson were tied with 73 votes. The House of Representives voted with 10 votes in favor of Jefferson and 4 in favor of Burr.
  • Tecumesh Confederation

     Tecumesh Confederation
    William Henry Harrison led an army to attack on Chief Tecumesh's tribe. The tribe was completely destroyed after the attack, his followers went back to their homes and he died in 1813 in battle.
    *Fought for his beliefs and now Native Americans are protected.
  • Burning of the white house

    Burning of the white house
    The British set fire to the white house in 1812 during the war. The presodent's wife saved the potrait of Washington and also some other important artifacts.
    *Symbolizes the importance of preservation of artifacts. Also how the country was able to rebuild after this.
  • New York Stock Exchange founded

    New York Stock Exchange founded
    The Buttonwood Agreement was founded upon 24 signitures under a buttonwood tree on 68th street in New York. Anthony Stolkholm was the first president.
    * Also another important part of the foundation of the country's financial stability.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    In order to balance things between free and slave states, Congress passed the Missouri Compromise to make Missouri a slave state and Maine a free state.
    *Began the fued that would lead to the Civil war.
  • Freedom's Journal Published

    Freedom's Journal Published
    In NYC Freedom's Journal is published, this is the first black newspaper published to all races. It provided national, international news also showed births, deaths, and many other things a typical newspaper obtains.
    *This affects the country because it represented the black community in a time when they were discriminated and it helped shape the future of our country.
  • Chicago is Founded

    Chicago is Founded
    Chicago is one of the world's top trading cities, but also is a large transportation area.
    *This affects the country because Chicago influences the trading and traveling industries majorily in todays society.
  • Kentucky allows women to go to school

    Kentucky allows women to go to school
    Girl's were allowed to go to school under certain conditions. The students had to agree to terms to be the class.
    *This helped shape the country because it gave females the chance to learn like males, It showed education for the future.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin Published

    Uncle Tom's Cabin Published
    Harriet beatrice Stowe's book Uncle Tom's Cabin was published in 1852. It sold 300,000 in its first few years of publicity. It was opposing the Fugitive Slavery Act.
    *This shows another act against discrimination. It helps form resistance againsty slavery.
  • Pony Express begins

    Pony Express begins
    The mail carrier begins for the United states.Mail in the west is carried and delivered through the orgean trail.
    *This is the pioneer way of modern mail delivery.
  • The South creates it's own government

    The South creates it's own government
    The seven seceeding states create a smaller document like the Constitution and name Jefferson Davis president of the Confederate states.
    *This represents the seperation of the country and how it was weak and fragile during this time, but through negotiatiating the Nation came out of the Civil War stronger and more united.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    Abraham Lincoln announces that all slaves were free as of Janurary 1, 1863. This is a whole new victory to stop slavery.
    *This led the way to stop slavery and shape America.
  • Assaination of Lincoln

    Assaination of Lincoln
    Lincoln was killed while in a theater. His death was caused because he was against slavery and the man who killed him, was for slavery.
    *This showed the importance of unity between not only the states, (Confederate and Union) but also between the people in America.
  • KKK forms

    KKK forms
    The Ku Klux Klan forms and begins a time of hate and rebellion. *This cult is an example of what effect the civil war and the battles between the confederacy and the Union had on the country. It tore our country apart at first, but the leaders of the country brought the people out of the gutter.
  • Woman's Sufferage Act

    Woman's Sufferage Act
    One of the first acts towards woman's sufferage acts, a Women's Sufferage law is passed in Wyoming.
    *This will lead to womens rights to vote, also to a revolution where women and men are equal.
  • Native Americans forced to move into reservations.

    Native Americans forced to move into reservations.
    When the reservations were created for the Native American people, they were created in hopes to release tentions between white settlers. Even after this land was given to Native Americans, white settlers still tried to take it.
    *Showed the need for change in the way other races are treated.