Timeline of Biomedical Engineering

  • 3000 BCE

    First prosthetic toe found in Egypt

    First Wooden Toe was found on an Egyptian mummy and shows some of the earliest bio-medical engineering.
  • Period: 2200 BCE to

    The history of wound treatment

    Wound treatment started with three basic principles wash wound, apply cast, and bandage. Through to today's treatment of wounds with Band-Aids and antibiotics.
  • The ear trumpet

    Ear trumpet was the earliest form of hearing aid and was considered to be the only 'viable' option of hearing assistance until the electric hearing aids were invented.
  • The Splint invented.

    The Thomas Splint to help people heal from hip, knee, and leg joint injuries.
  • Crutches invented

    Crutches patented to help wounded soldiers returning from WWI.
  • The Band-Aid

    The Band-Aid was invented by someone who put gauze on sticky tape so that his wife could get it when needed.