Timeline- Metztli

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  • Begins "One Direction"

    Begins "One Direction"
    The famous band "One Direction" is created. Consisting of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn and Niall Horan.
  • First single.

    First single.
    They release their first single "What Makes You Beautiful", being in the first position on British radio
  • Up all night.

    Up all night.
    Then they released their first album entitled "Up all night", making them the most successful boyband of these times.
  • Up all night tour.

    Up all night tour.
    some time later, they began their first tour with their debut album.
  • Live While We´re Young

    Live While We´re Young
    At the end of their tour, they released their first single from their second album, entitled "Live While We´re Young".
  • Madison Square Garden.

    Madison Square Garden.
    One Direction performed their biggest concert at Madison Square Garden in New York.
  • Take me home.

    Take me home.
    As the months went by, they released their second album, which was a success.
  • Take me home tour.

    The boyband's second tour started in London and ended in Japan.
  • Midnight memories.

    Midnight memories.
    When releasing their next album titled "Midnight memories" they received too many mixed reviews, which caused a great boost in their musical careers.
    It should be noted that Louis Tomlinson was the writer of most of the songs on this album, demonstrating his great ability to compose songs
  • Where we are tour.

    Where we are tour.
    His third musical tour began in Colombia and ended in Miami.
  • Four.

    Then they released "Four", which received quite good reviews and it is worth mentioning that it was the last album with 5 members in the band.
  • On the way again Tour.

    On the way again Tour.
    The boyband's fourth tour was a success and visited countries like Australia.
  • Zayn's departure

    Zayn's departure
    Zayn announces his official departure from One Direction, after this terrible news the fans were devastated.
  • Break?

    After a successful career as a boyband, the members decide to take an 18-month "hiatus". After this, the members began their solo careers.
  • Made in the A.M.

    Made in the A.M.
    Some time after they released their last album as a band, they called it "Made in the A.M."
    The repertoire of songs was different, since it was a bit difficult to reach the notes that Zayn was playing.
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