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  • Annie Oakley born

    Annie Oakley born
    In 1885 it became part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, in 1901 her body was paralyzed when she was injured in a train crash.
  • Annie's early years

    Annie's early years
    The 1st of May was the first time she appeared in a show, alongside Frank Butler.
  • Dorothy Parker born

    Dorothy Parker born
    In 1913 she lost her entire family, tried to commit suicide several times. Her most important work was Big Blonde, that appeared in the O'Henry awards.
  • Dorothy's early years

    She wrote screenplays for films with her husband Alan Campbell: Close Harmony or the Lady Next door in 1929.
  • Annie death

    Annie death
    She died of anemia with 66 years in Greenville, Ohio.
  • Margaret Hamilton born

    Margaret Hamilton born
    In 1965 she became responsible for the development of the software for the Apollo mission computers.
  • Margaret's early years

    Margaret's early years
    Her success was such that in 1986 she founded and began running her own company: Hamilton Technologies. In 2016, she recived America's highest honor awars, the Medal of Honor.
  • J.K Rowling born

    J.K Rowling born
    In December 2012, it was published in Catalonia her first novel for adults, entitled The Unexpected Vacancy. In 2016 he debuted as a screenwriter with the film Fantastic Beasts.
  • Dorothy death

    Dorothy death
    She died of a heart attack with 73 years.
  • First Rowling book

    First Rowling book
    She's first book was Harry Potter and the philosophical stones.
  • Rowling life story

    Rowling life story
  • Annie biography video

    Annie biography video