TImeline - France WWII

  • British & the French

    British and French army forces begin defensive preparations in Belgium in an effort to stave off the German advance. A long line of strategic defenses is contructed.
  • German Ships!

    German ships begin operating out of captured bases along the French coast.
  • Bye-Bye Operation Rutter!

    Bad weather cancels this original date for Operation Rutter. Discussions begin on whether or not to nix the entire endeavor. It returns to the planning stages under a new name - Operation Jubilee.
  • Surrender!

    French General Mast surrenders to the British Eastern Task Force.
  • Panzer Division

    The German 21st Panzer Division is repelled by a combined Allied armor and air assault, saving further actions at Sword.
  • Counter-Attack

    The German counter-attack reaches the beachhead at Sword.
  • Orne River

    British and French special forces elements out of Sword beach connect with the British paratroopers holding the key bridges over the Orne River.