Timeline for the Guitar

  • Cithara was Created

    Cithara was Created
    Romans brought Cithara to Portugal and Spain in 40 AD. The Cithara was the original guitar.
  • Cithara was Modified into the Oud

    Cithara was Modified into the Oud
    The Moors conqured all areas where the Cithara was distributed. Then leading to the modification of the Cithara which turned into the Oud,
  • Lute was Made

    Lute was Made
    Lute was made in 1200 by John Clarck, a young, famous actor.
  • Oud was Modified

    Oud was Modified
    The Oud, which an original modification from the Cithara, was modified into the Moorish and the Latin Guitar in 1100
  • Vihuela Created

    Vihuela Created
    In 1400, the Vihuela was made and was then preferred over the guitar.
  • Changes Made to the Guitar.

    Changes made to the Guitar. It now includes fan struts, a raised neck, and a fingerboard made of Ebony Wood.
  • Antonio Torres Jurado

    Antonio redesigned the guitar. He increased the neck size and the body size. This then marks the beginning of our modern guitar.
  • Modern Guitars Made

    Modern Guitars were made in the 1900's. The acoustic and classical guitars were made.