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  • 1440

    The Print

    The Print
    Johanes Gutenberg is the person of invented the print. This invent is very important for our because is necessary for information of our world.
  • The Steam Machine

    The Steam Machine
    Thomas Newcomen create the first Steam Machine in the history. The Steam Machine is the best invention of the many years ago.
  • Stephenson Locomotive

    Stephenson Locomotive
    Robert Stephenson is de inventor of the first locomotive. This machine it's important because humans need this transport to move around the world.
  • The Light Bulb

    The Light Bulb
    Thomas Edison is the person who invented the light bulb. This invention is the most useful in the entire history of humanity.
  • The Plastic

    The Plastic
    Leo Hendrik Baekeland in 1909, discoverd the plastic.
    This material is very important for him because we use in many thins of our life.
  • The Penicillin

    The Penicillin
    Fleming is the scientis was the one who discovered Penicillin in 1928. This antibiotic it's important because it can save us life.
  • The Pilot ACE Computer

    The Pilot ACE Computer
    Alan Turing is the first inventor to a programed and crate this computer. This machine is very important to work in our world.