Timeline BG

  • Birthday

    30 years Old
    Jefferson, GA
  • Graduates high school

    Graduates high school
    exact date unknown
  • started singing

    started singing
    He first starteed making music in 2008 i dont know the exact date but he started in 2008 first album came out in 2009
  • 1st Album

    1st Album
    Modern Day Prodigal Son
    13 Songs
    exact date unknow
  • Period: to

    first album

    Modern Day Prodigal Son
    there were 13 Tracks in this Album
  • 2nd Album

    2nd Album
    There were 12 Songs in this album it sold 1,081,200 Copies WOW
  • first tour with people

    date unknown
  • embarrased

    Date Unknown
    Gets very Personal in his song and is embarassed about it
  • 2nd tour

    date unknown
    with toby keith
  • 3rd tour

    with tim mcgraw
    date unknown
  • 4th tour

    1st leg was with Thomas Rhett, Eric Paslay and Brian Davis
    2nd leg was with Brian Davis, Chase Bryant, Aaron Lewis and Tyler Farr
  • 3rd Album

    3rd Album
    this is his 3rd album
    There are 14 songs in this album the most popular is Bottoms Up
    42,000 copies sold in the FIRST WEEK!
    as of Jan. 2015 the album has sold 707,000 copies in less than a year!!!