• The cause of the Haitian Revolution

    The French Revolution of In France cause The Haitian Revolution of 1791. Many people were dissatidfied with the France, which caused many allianced with friends and enemies.
  • The Amendment that was passed in Paris

    The General Assembly in Paris passed and amendment that stated "all the proprietors. ought to be active citizens". This excluded the petit blancs because most of them did not own property, causing anger against the free persons of color bust most of them owned property.
  • The Creole and African slave pact

    Slaves in the North Province created a big conspiracy. Creole slaves made a pact with new African slaves and the Voodoo priest, Boukman led the conspiracy.
  • The attack that slaves did

    Maroons and slaves assaulted on the whites on the evening of August 21st because Oge and Chavennes had tried to get the General Assembly to persuage that citizenship included the free persons of color but Oge and Chavannes forces were badly beaten, many of their tiny band of 300 captured and Oge and Chavannes were murdered, The whole northern area by Cape Francois was in flames. On September 20, 1791 the Colonial Assembly recognized the citizenship of all free peopl eof color.