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  • Sandhurst manifiesto

    Sandhurst manifiesto
    Cánovas, the leader of the future Conservative Party wrote it, where he promised a constitutional government.
  • Period: to

    Reign of Alfonso XII

    Trough a military revolution by general Martinez Campos, in Sagunto, Alfonso XII was proclaimed king.
  • PSOE is founded

    PSOE is founded
    Was founded by Pablo Iglesias and was consolidated by the huge surge in the labour movement during this period
  • Period: to

    regency of María Christina

    After the death of Alfoso XII, the Restoration was maintained by the regency of María Christina
  • Bases de Manresa

    Bases de Manresa
    Prat de la Riba wrote the proposals for Catalan nationalism declared in the Bases de Manresa.
  • Tratado de París

    Tratado de París
    Spain was forced to allow the independence of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines in the Paris Treaty, after the destruction of its fleets in the Pacific by the British.
  • Period: to

    reign of Alfonso XIII

    his mother was Maria Christina, he acceded to the throne in 1902 in the midst of a political environment characterized by the crisis of the Cánovas del Castillo political system.
  • semana tragica de 1909

    semana tragica de 1909
    It was a set of violent protests, due to the injustice of the requirement of many reservist parents for war
  • Disaster of Annual

    Disaster of Annual
    Spain suffered a brutal defeat against Morocco in the Rif War, this event is known as "Disaster at Annual" and there were 10,000 deaths.
  • Period: to

    Dictadura de Primo de Rivera

    General Primo de Rivera began a dictatorship supported by the king, who had two types of government
    -The Military Directory (1923-1925)
    -The Civil Directory (1925-1930)
  • Proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic

    After the Second Republic was proclaimed, a provisional government was formed, made up of Republicans, socialists and nationalists
  • Period: to

    Segunda República Española

    The second republic was proclaimed, then a provisional government was fprmed, made up of Republicans, socialists and nacionalists who held electons for the Constituent Cortes.
    the Republics went through three states:
    -Reformists Biennium (1931-1933)
    -Conse5rvative Biennium (1933-1936)
    -Popuar Front (February-June 1936)
  • October Revolution

    October Revolution
    The new government halted the majorityof the previus reforms, which led to an increase in strikes and more actions by left-wings parties. CEDA then demanded positions in the government. this sparked the October Revolution of 1934, wich was most intens in Austria and Barcelona.
  • Tragic Spring

    Tragic Spring
    consisting of waves of attacks and street violence between staunch falangist comunist and anarchist activist.
  • Period: to

    Guerra Civil Española

    The civil war broke out due to a conflict between the republican side and the national side.
  • bombing of Gerninika

    bombing of Gerninika
    was a bombing by the German air force's Condor Legion. The German air force enabled the insurgents to control key industrial and mioning areas
  • End of the Civil War

    End of the Civil War
    The Republicans launched an offensive known as the 'Battle of the Ebro' in 1938 that led to many casualties on Both sides.
    The insurgents advanced , took catalonia in 1939 and entered Madrid with no resistence.