Kurt Cobain and Nirvana

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  • Kurt Cobain

    Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain was a musician who makes a music revolution, he born en 1967
  • The start of Nirvana

    The start of Nirvana
    Kurt Cobain whit Krist Novoselic
    create the band “Nirvana” in 1987
    And her first album was called bleach
  • Dave Grohl

    Dave Grohl
    Dave grohl was the drummer who was going to stay whit nirvana until the death of Kurt, he join Nirvana in 1990
  • Nevermind

    The day september 24 of the year 1991 Nirvana release the album who take them to the fame, Nevermind
  • In Utero

    In Utero
    In september of 1993 nirvana release “In Utero” the album was destinated to be not comercial, but it was a hit too
  • Pat Smear

    Pat Smear
    The day september 25 of the year 1993 Pat Smear joins Nirvana as a second guitarist
  • The death of Kurt Cobain

    The death of Kurt Cobain
    After a lot of addictions and being tired of her life, Kurt Cobain comite suicide the day april 5 of the year 1994, he immortalized the phrase "it is better to burn away to go out slowly"
  • It was not all

    It was not all
    In november of 1994 Nirvana release a new Album after the death of Kurt, it was from the MTV unplugged, that was the Kurt’s goodbye
  • Frances Bean Cobain

    Frances Bean Cobain
    Kurt die an he leaves a daughter called Frances, she is too similar to Kurt, she is the last Kurt Cobain view
  • Foo fighters

    Foo fighters
    The last thing relacionated to Nirvana was a new band called “Foo Fighters” created by Dave Grohl, it was a new chapter after the death of Kurt