electrical phenomena

  • 600 BCE


    Acient Greece, Thales is thought to be the first person to observe electrical phenomena
  • William Gilbert

    London, England, William Gilbert discovered that a number of other materials could display the attractive properties of amber
  • Thomas Browne

    Norwich, England, Thomas Browne's experiments coined the word electricity
  • Charles Du Fay

    Paris, France, Charles Du Fay discovered that almost any object could be turned electric; he also found that there are two distinct groups of electrics
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Benjamin Franklin learned how to make electric devices that would de-elecrtify by producing sparks
  • Lightning rod

  • Electrolysis

  • Ohm's law

  • Maxwell's equations

  • Light bulb

  • J.J. Thomson

    Cambridge, England, J.J. Thomson discovered that the electrical fluid is actually made up of small particles