• 1066 BCE

    Feudalism in England

    Feudalism in England is was a system where the King keeps 20% of land and the rest goes to church and Barrons where they decide who gets land. This is important because the King gets 20% which is a big chunk and also leaves the church in control.
  • 1100

    Surf Dom

    Surf Dom is a system that took place in Russia where land was separated by class. Its important because it meant that to have good land you had to be high in the social hierarchy.
  • 1448

    Thailand Sakdina System

    The Sakdina system was a system where people of the ages of 18 had to give themselves to a land lord where they had to listen to the landlord for land. This was important because people had to give up their freedom for land.
  • 1492

    Colombian exchange

    The Colombian exchange was a transfer of many diseases, plants and animals through the Europeans. The Colombian exchange greatly impacted the world through the diseases they brought and through the introduction of new plants and animals which evolved of thousands of years.
  • 1500


    Colonialism was acquiring control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically. Colonialism was a system which was controlled by one power.
  • 1500

    The Indians

    In the 1500's a debate on whether the Indians were civilized or not begun. This is important because if they are deemed as not civilized they close many privileges and most importantly land.
  • 1514

    Copernicus discovers earth is round

    Before Copernicus the common belief was that the earth was flat, but he discovers that is in fact round and he also discovers that that we rotate around the sun.
  • 1517

    Ottoman Empire expansion

    The Ottoman Empire expanded for the first time in 1517 when they defeated Turkey. This is important because it was the beginning to one of the greatest empires ever.
  • 1519

    Cortes lands in Mexico

    Cortes and his troops land in Mexico in search of wealthy cities. This is important because the riches of Mexico have already spread to other places.
  • 1543

    Scientific Revolution

    The scientific revolution allowed culture and laws to be changed by science and reason. This was important because we still use the ideas to this day and it greatly helped shape the world into a better place.
  • 1570

    Decline of the Spain

    In 1570 people were in search for silver and gold, in search of these items people anded upon Spain. This was important because this led to the destruction of Spain and there people because people wanted their gold and silver.
  • 1571

    Decline of the Ottoman Empire

    After Suliemen's death, the Ottomans got into a great Naval battle where they were defeated by Europeans. This was important because the Ottoman Empire was never the same after this, and it was the end of the great years of one of the greatest empires ever.
  • Colony

    An area under full or partial control of another country, typically a distant one occupied by settlers. An example of colony's is when the English established the 13 colony in America.
  • Patroon System

    The Patroon system was a system where Land was given out by a big company. The system was important because it gave land to its investors.
  • English Civil War

    The English civil war was a war between the king and the Parliment, which ended with the Parliament winning. This is important because it led to the parliament getting more power and the monarchy losing power which was better for the people.
  • John Locke decides to help change the goverment

    John Locke wrote a social contract which stated that Monarchs should not have absolute power but they should be decided by the people. This is important because this helped shape the world into what it is today.
  • John Locke, Second Treatise in civil government

    The Treatise explains that the government system is flawed with its ranking system and that all men should have the same amount of power.
  • Voltaire's letters

    Voltaire's letters explain that if all the big powers of the world can come together and set aside their differences they can achieve new heights.
  • Imperialism

    Imperialism was a policy which extended a country's power through military force or diplomacy. Imperialism was used to gain as many resources as possible.
  • Boston Tea Party

    The Boston tea party was a protest from Americans due to the new tax on teas, the Americans decided to dump tea in the ocean to show their frustration. This was important becuase it was the first time the Americans decided to stand up against the British.
  • American Revolution

    The American revolution was a revolt by the Americans against the British to gain independence. This is important because it allowed America to become what it is today.
  • The wealth of nations

    The wealth of nation explains that everyone should be able to make designs for themselves, and that if they do it will help the economy and affect capitalism.
  • French Revolution

    The French were fighting to end monarchy in France and they were led by Napoleon. This was important because it led to the end of Monarchys in most of Europe.
  • Haitian Revolution

    The Haitian revolution took place in Haiti where the slaves took their freedom by force. This was importance because it led to one of the biggest slave markets in the world ending and it was a big step in the ending of slavery.
  • Vindication of rights of woman

    The vindication explained that woman were supposed to beautiful and were not encouraged to be smart, it also explains how woman were treated much worse then men and didn't have the same rights.
  • New Markets

    Countries started producing new materials which became extremely high in demand. Countries were able to pay off lots of financial debts due to the new wealth of selling the materials.
  • Ottoman expands into Egypt

    The Ottoman Empire and Mohammed Ali takes over Egypt due to a power struggle. This is important due to the fact it was the Ottoman Empire taking over one of the most powerful countries in Africa.
  • Algeria gets colonized by the French

    During the midst of the European imperialism French successfully invaded Algeria in 1830. This is important because Algeria became Frances most important colonization.
  • Politcal rivalries

    Countries would be searching and taking over colonies and territories. A lot of the time 2 countries would claim the same territory.
  • Edict of Emancipation of Russia

    Alexander II held a speech where he fired all serfs. This speech later acme known as the edict of emancipation of Russia. Alexander II ended up freeing over 23 million serfs.
  • Alexander II death

    Alexander II who was one of the czars of Russia gets assassinated by a bomb in the streets of St Petersburg.
  • King Leopold lands in Congo

    King Leopold and his men land in Congo. This is very important because this led to Belgium selling Rubber and this positivly affected Belgium. This also led to the cruel treatment to the Congolese
  • King Leopold leave Congo

    King Leopold leaves Congo because of international pressure. This is important because it freed the Congolese of the cruelty and allowed them to rebuild their economy and

    keep their resources.
  • King Leopold death

    King Leopold dies due to a heart attack. This is important due to the fact he is a king but its also important because he was a tyrant in Congo.
  • Creation of Fascism

    In 1919 Italian politician Benito Mussolini creates the political system Fascism. Fascism is a political system that has a dictatorship and disagrees with democracy.
  • French Imperialism

    When the French colonized they murdered children and woman and destroyed natives villages. The French also gave Natives no rights and stole 11 hectares of land and over 300 million lamb.
  • Spanish Civil war

    Francisco Franco starts one of the bloodiest civil wars ever. He starts the war in Spain because he wants to overthrow the government system and turn it into fascism.
  • Benito Mussolini allies with Hitler

    In 1937 Mussolini visits Germany, where he decides to team up with Hitler in world war 2, hoping that Hitler would prop up his leadership. This was 2 of the biggest powers in the world teaming up, this also led to Mussolini's death.
  • WWII Leads to decolonization

    WWII causes a surge in independence throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East, WWII also caused many colonial troops to die in battle. These events caused these places to gain their freedom.
  • Cold War leads to decolonization

    The Cold War between America and the Soviet Union causes forced the world into picking a side. This in term causes chaos and led to European decolonization.
  • Cambodia gains independence

    Cambodia regained their independence from the French. This is important because led to Cambodia becoming a constitutional Monarchy.
  • Algeria gains independence

    Algeria regains their independence from France, after the Algerian War. This is important because it shows that Algeria beat France against all odds.
  • Francisco Franco death

    Francisco Franco was the ruler of Spain he died of a heart attack. Once he died there was a new king of Spain who threw away Francos fascist ways.