Time Line On India

  • Indus River Civilization

    Indus River Civilization
    About 2600 B.C., the earliest soouth asian civilization had emerged in the indus river valley, in present day pakistan.
    Two cities archaeologist have discovered is the city of harappa and mohenjo-daro. They been suspected ta be twin capitals.
    Back then, they made a living by farming and trading. Most people in the indus civilization were farmers.
    Many believe that the religious views of the indus civilization were that they were polytheistic.
  • Aryan Civilzation

    Aryan Civilzation
    Between 2000b.c. and 1500b.c., nomadic people migrated slowly with their herds of cattle. they were called the Aryans.
    Later in years they gave up their nomadic lifestyle to settle in villages to cultivate crops and breed cattle.
    As the years go by we learn that aryans divided their society into ranked groups by occupation. They religious beliefs they had were the polytheistic religion. They had two long epic poems called Mahabharata and Gilgamesh.
  • Caste System

    Caste System
    The caste systems are a complex system that have social groups on which people are born. Caste was closely linked to hindu beliefs. It maintained a social order and it gave many people since of identity and interdependence.
  • Maurya Empire

    Maurya Empire
    Northern india was often a battleground, until a young man by the name of chandragupta maurya forged the first indian empire. they boasted schools and libraries as well as palaces and temples. Askoka was the grandson of maurya. he fought a long war to conquer kalinga. He later ruled by moral example. The golden age was a period of great culturl achievement.