Time line of Portfolios

  • Start of school

    This day is when I went to school after summer holiday
  • First day at ICT

    We made a poster talking about what a portfolio is and our ideas of organizing works
  • 2nd lesson at ICT

    I started making a concept map (mindmap) of portfolios and organization
  • 3rd lesson

    Finished making concept maps
  • 4th lesson

    Started my prezi about portfolios and e-portfolio
  • 5th lesson ICT

    Finished prezi and uploaded it to managebac
  • 6th lesson

    Finished uploading site map and re uploaded prezi
  • 7th lesson

    Finished making Timeline starting to make the next task
  • 8th lesson

    Working on my final task for ICT
  • 9th lesson

    Finishing up my final task
  • 10th lesson

    Upload my final task on managebac for ICT