Time line

Timeline created by Crook,Zachary
  • French and Indian War Apr 4 1754 thruogh Feb10 1763

    French and Indian War Apr 4 1754 thruogh Feb10 1763
    What started as a land dispute between the colonists and Indians over the land west of the of and Appalachina Mountains escalated to a full war between the french and the Indian and the Colonists and Bristish. The colonists and Bristish eventually won the war, signified by siging of the treaty of paris.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    Proclamation from King george the third that told the colonists they could nto settle in any land west of the Appalachian Mountains, and any settlers already there neede to returnhome.Thsi was done to avoid further conflict between the indians and colonists.
  • Quartering Act

    Quartering Act
    An act that forced coloidts to provide houing, food and clothing for Bristish troops.
  • The Stamp Act 1765

    The Stamp Act 1765
    Britain's harsh tax and trade policies fanned resentment in colonies
  • Townshed Act

    Townshed Act
    An act created by Charles townsend that placed an tea, glass,paper,paint and lead.
  • British Boston Massacer 1770

    British Boston Massacer 1770
    British troops in Boston fired on jeering crowd,killing five colonists
  • Tea Act

    Tea Act
    After the Boston massacre,Britain repealed the Townshed Act,but kept the tax on tea,calling the new act the Tea Act.It also created a monoply for the Bristish East India company.Since they were the only company allowed to distribute and sell tea to the colonise.
  • Boston tea party

    Boston tea party
    A group of men, disguised as Navtien Americans,boarded three tea ships in Boston.
  • Intolerable Act

    Intolerable Act
    Britain's response to the Boston Tea party. It shut down Boston Harbor until the colonists paid for the dumped tea,cancelled Massachusetts charter,sent the Bristish troops tried for the Boston Massacre back to Britain for a new trail, froced colonist to quarter Bristish troops and named Gereral Thomas Gage the governor of Massachusetts
  • Battle at Lexington of Concord

    Battle at Lexington of Concord
    General Gage found out that the colonists were hiding weapons and gunpowder in Concord and organized a surprise attack to get the weapons back. However, the plan wasleaked and Paul Revere and Williams Dawes spread the word to the colonists. Militias came together at Lexington and Concord and once both battles were done, the Bristish knew the colonists were read to fight for their rights.