Tim Baustian Technology Integration

  • Mentorship begins

    Tim and I agree to work together on this project.
  • First meeting

    Tim and I sit down to discuss the Project for the first time.
  • Second Meeting

    Tim and I meet for the second time to discuss possible lessons and technology integration opportunities.
  • 3rd Meeting

    Tim and I met for the third time... final meeting as he begins to draw up the actual lesson plan to go over with me at next meeting. Edmodo will be the technology resource used by him.
  • 4th Lesson Plan Meeting

    Tim gave me his lesson plan(s) and we reviewed it together.
  • Lesson Plan Implementation Begins

    Tim begins using the lesson(s) in his class.
  • Lesson Plan Implementation Ends

    This is the last day of lesson plan implementation.
  • Final Meeting/Project Competion

    Tim and I held our final meeting to go over lesson plan and review how everything went.