English grammar tenses

Tiempos verbales

By Clausol
  • Past Perfect Continuous

    Past Perfect Continuous
    We had been flying for about an hour, when the engine started having problems
  • Past Perfect

    Past Perfect
    By the time we arrived, we had already left
  • Past Continuous

    Past Continuous
    I was having breakfast, when the phone rang
  • Past Simple

    Past Simple
    I was so tired that once at home I went directly to bed
  • Present Perfect Continuous

    Present Perfect Continuous
    I have been working for this company for years
  • Present Perfect Simple

    Present Perfect Simple
    I have lived in this countries since 1997
  • Present Simple

    Present Simple
    I usually work from 8 to 1 pm and from 4 to 9 pm
  • Present Continuous

    Present Continuous
    I am learning lots of things at this very moment
  • Will

    I think you will really enjoy your new job

    Look at those black clouds. It's going to rain!
  • Future Continuous

    Future Continuous
    I will be living in Paris in five years' time
  • Future Perfect Simple

    Future Perfect  Simple
    In seven years' time I will have finished my project