Thom Yorke

Timeline created by Uriel de Jesus Gonzalez
  • Birth

    He was born on October 7 in the year of one thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight in Wellingborough, England, United Kingdom
  • Musical initiation

    Musical initiation
    Thom entered the world of music at the age of ten, taking classes at Abingdon Private School, where he met his classmates Ed O'Brien, Phil Selway, Colin Greenwood and Jonny Greenwood.
  • College life

    College life
    Thom Yorke attended Exeter University where he studied fine arts and English literature, recalls a Siouxsie Sioux show at Oxford in 1985 that inspired him to become a musician
  • Band foundation

    Band foundation
    In 1985. The Radiohead band was founded with his acquaintances at Abindon College.
  • Love life

    Love life
    In 1987, Yorke and his girlfriend were involved in a car accident, he was unharmed, his girlfriend suffered a whiplash in the neck from the impact. This accident is the cause of Yorke's phobia of cars, which would later appear in songs such as "Airbag", "Killer Cars", "Stupid Car" and "Drunkk Machine".
  • First concert

    First concert
    On July 22, nineteen hundred and ninety-one, his first concert took place, and he also had 114 dates around the world.
  • First single

    First single
    Creep is their first single from the band, it was released in 1992, then appeared on the album Pablo Honey in 1993, during those sessions they recorded "Creep" almost as an improvisation
  • My iron lung

    My iron lung
    My iron lung, is a song that talks about his hatred when singing his other song "Creep", where Thom alludes to the hatred he has for his own song already mentioned above
  • Album "Ok computer"

    Album "Ok computer"
    "Ok computer" is their first album with which the band their album was one of the best in the history of rock, criticized a consumer society, steeped in technology
  • Thom as soloist

    Thom as soloist
    Thom's first solo album "The Eraser" was released on July 10, 2006 through XL Recordings in Great Britain and a day later in the United States. On November 22 of that year, he released the EP in Japan. Spitting Feathers, which featured the B-sides of The Eraser
  • Tour "In rainbows"

    Tour "In rainbows"
    In Rainbows tour, this tour does not differ much from the past only changes in the album that was released in 2007
  • Gira A Moon Shaped Pool (2016 - 2018)

    Gira A Moon Shaped Pool (2016 - 2018)
    A Moon Shaped Pool Tour (2016 - 2018), on May 20, 2016 the world tour of the album began, which lasted from May to October and had dates in Europe, North America and Japan. In it they again had Clive Deamer as an additional drummer. The second part of the tour took place between March and July 2017.
    This tour was one of the last considered to date, one of their last albums was released already mentioned, it does not change much compared to the other tours