Thomas Edison

Timeline created by Michael Garber
  • Birth

    Thomas Edison was born to Samuel and Nancy Thomas. He was one of seven children.
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    Thomas Edison

  • Grand Trunk Herald

    Grand Trunk Herald
    At age 12 Edison started his own newspaper, the Grand Trunk Herald. He sold up-to-date newspapers to passengers at a local train station.
  • Telegraph

    At age fifteen, Edison saved a three year old from a loose train car. The father re-payed him by teaching Edison how to operate a telegraph. That same year he became an official telegraph operator.
  • The Associated Press

    The Associated Press
    Edison moved to Louisville, Kentucky at age nineteen to work for the Associated Press. Two years later Edison returned home because his mother was ill and father out of a job.
  • Universal Stock Printer

    Universal Stock Printer
    Edison moved to New York and made the universal stock printer. This was his first invention which he sold for $40,000. After this success, he quit his telegraph operator job.
  • Phonograph

    Edison invented a machine used to record sound, which was the first of its kind. One end recorded, and the other end played back the sound.
  • Edison Illuminating Company

    Edison Illuminating Company
    Edison founded Edison Illuminating Company, now known as General Electric. This company was devoted to selling his newly made lightbulb.
  • Edison Films

    Edison Films
    Edison was the first to show a motion picture film which he showed at Koster & Bial's Music Hall in New York City. After its success, Edison and one of his laboratories started Edison Films.
  • Automobile Industry

    Automobile Industry
    Edison tried inventing the electric car, but the release of Henry Fords Model T caused Edison to quit. He instead made an electric starter for the Model T instead.
  • Death

    Edison died from diabetes at his home in West Orange, New Jersey. He lead one of America's technological revolutions.