Technology 1850-1970

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  • Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace
    A type of hall where world events would take place to show or model inventions.
  • Passenger elevator

    Passenger elevator
    Elisha Graves Otis created his first sample of the elevator at the Crystal Palace in New York.he also provided saftey by installing a emergency brake.
  • Burglar alarm

    Burglar alarm
    Edwin T. Holmes lived in boston and he created this alarm because he had a workshop and he was very precautious.
  • oil well

    oil well
    "Colonel" Edwin Drake started drilling at the soil of penslvaynia. he struck thousand of gallons of oil and he used it to fuel lamps and other thing like lubracant.
  • Repeating rifle

    Repeating rifle
    B. Tyler Henry, created the rifle because hhe thought the idea of shooting once and having to reload was point less and a waste of time so he created a faster process.
  • Battle of iron clads

    Battle of iron clads
    two armored ships battle each other at sea. designed from scratch by John Ericsson had 2 cannons and 8 inch deep armor.
  • Roller skates

    Roller skates
    james plimton created skates for entertainment and soon became a craze around the world.
  • Web offset printing

    Web offset printing
    William Bullock created a printing press that could feed paper on a continuous roll and print both sides of the paper at once.
  • Type writer

    Type writer
    a machine created in 1873 by christopher soles. the type writer was exposed when the adventures of tom sawyer.
  • dental drill

    dental drill
    George F. Green created the dental drill. to stop tooth decay.
  • Telophone

    the telephone was created by Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Hearing aid's

    Hearing aid's
    R.G. Rhodes created the hearing aid. The device is a thin sheet of hard rubber or cardboard placed against teeth which conducts vibrations to the auditory nerve.
  • Electric fan

    Electric fan
    Dr. Schuyler Skaats Wheeler. created His two-bladed desk fan is produced by the Crocker and Curtis electric motor company.
  • Skyscraper

    After the Great Fire of 1871, Chicago William Le Baron Jenney completes the 10-story Home Insurance Company Building, more than twenty skyscrapers will be built in Chicago over the next 9 years.
  • Kodak camera

    Kodak camera
    George Eastman introduces a hand-held box camera for portable use. The camera is pre-loaded with 100 exposure film.
  • Escalator

    the creator of the first escalator jesse W. Reno created a escalator at conmey island.The device was shown in the Paris Exposition of 1900 where it is called the escalator.
  • Submarine

    the first submarined was created by J.P. Holland torpedo boat company it launched the first practical submarine.sponsered by the u.s navy.
  • Air conditioner

    Air conditioner
    the creator of the air conditioner was Willis H. Carrier he designed. the first machine to control inside tempatures.
  • Airplane

    the wright brothers were the creators of the airplane. it was the first controlled airplane flight in history to lasts 12 seconds.
  • Model T

    Model T
    Henry Ford created his Model T car. he produced them world wide and mad millions and now grew up to own his own company known as ford.
  • kdka

    kdka was the first radio brodcast that was for the am station. they were the starter stations of over 563 u.s.a stations.
  • Rocket

    Robert H. Goddard,created the first successful launch of a rocket at a arm in Auburn, Massachusetts. The rocket reaches 41 ft. in altitude.
  • T.v

    Philo Farnsworth show the first preview Fof a t.v showing a dollar bill.
  • Defibrillator

    william bennet created the first machine to bring peopole back to life using volts of electricity,
  • Digital computer

    Digital computer
    the first DC was created by John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry who attended Iowa State College completed the prototype of the first digital computer. It could store data and perform addition and subtractions using binary code. (used in wars)
  • Atomic bomb

    Atomic bomb
    the united states dropped a bomb in haromishima that took more that 100,000 lives.
  • Heart lung machine

    Heart lung machine
    Dr. John H. Gibbon an open heart surgery in which the blood is moved by a heart-lung machine.
  • Laser

    theodore mainman he created a man made ruby sight that destroyed objects.
  • Operating system

    biill gates created an OS such as windows and installed it for a computer.
  • Moon landing

    Moon landing
    NASA's Apollo 11 spacecraft touches down on the moon's surface and Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to set foot on the moon.

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