Funhouse 4

Multimedia History

  • Jan 13, 1300


    Prehistoric humans paint images on the walls of their caves (including a narrative composition) in the Grotte de Lascaux, France.
  • Jan 1, 1445

    Printing Press Gutenberg and Caxton

    Printing Press Gutenberg and Caxton
    the first printing press was created making it easir to get things typed and printed or made and printed without having to draw it or having to use a typewriter for everything they use.
  • First Pess In what Would Become United States

    First Pess In what Would Become United States
    first press in what would become U.S.
  • Denounces Licening of press

     Denounces Licening of press
    John Milton denounces licensing of the press in Areopagitica
  • First American Magazines

    First American Magazines
    First American magazines
  • BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Franklin discovers electricity.

    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Franklin discovers electricity.
    Benjamin franklin makes possibly the best dicsovery ever on earth so far by inventing electricity and making a very big technological advance for the rest of the wold,
  • Post Founded

    Post Founded
    Saturday Evening Post founded ltetting people get the news on the weerk every week keeping people informed about the way the world was working and how the world works.
  • African- Newspaper

    African- Newspaper
    First African-American newspaper in U.S.: Freedom’s Journal the first african newpaper was very late due to the rest of the world having it 50 years before them but they are now more up to date so I guess that its ok that they were 50 years late to the rest of the world.
  • Daguerreotype: photographs produced using a paper negative

    Daguerreotype: photographs produced using a paper negative
    Photographgs Used In a Paper Negative to make them look better and more realistic and some times more high quality making picture taking more accessable and more popular or usable
  • George Boole: Boolean Algebra

    George Boole: Boolean Algebra
    Boolean algebra later Used for many programs such as Java Programming and Cinema 4D
  • Cival wars brings back neewspaper popularity

    Cival wars brings back neewspaper popularity
    Civil War brings home “necessity” of news the news was more needed so people could find out what was happening and who had died and other important news to alert the citizens.

    The first manual type writer making stories much easier to write and do and make typing much easier and accessable to the public therefore making it easier for people to do it which madee the company a wealthy company.
  • Talking Machine

    Thomas Edison invents the “talking machine” a machine that talks and was pretty amazing and stuff.
  • Light Bulb

    How about a light? Edison invents the incandescent light bulb.
  • Stop Motion Animation

    Stop motion animation was invented and used for some of the first short movies.
  • Nellie Bly

  • Mukraking

  • Nickelodeon _________________________________________________________________________

    First “nickelodeon”
  • Titanic Skins! ________

    Titanic Skins! ________
    Titanic sinks; leads to Federal Radio Act of 1912 the first radios being installed in all ships insuring that nothing bad happens and no one has to die to to ice bergs and other dumb things that shouldnt happen.
  • Charlie Charlin

  • Word War I propaanda

  • Sensorship

  • Radio

  • Reader Digest

  • Talkie

  • Time Magaizine

  • AC Neilsen

  • AT&NT

  • Montage

    Potemkin is released. Director Sergei Eisenstein pioneers montage, an editing technique that juxtaposes successive images to stir up an audience's emotional response.
  • Telegraph and telephone system

    American Telephone & Telegraph's Vitaphone system allows synchronization of sound and film. Warner Brothers releases Don Juan, the first full-length motion picture to incorporate recorded music and sound effects.
  • Acedemy award

  • Regular public TV broadcasts

    Germany begins airing regular public TV broadcasting. 123467890
  • Magizines Begin Woodcuts

    Magizines Begin Woodcuts
    Magazines begin publishing woodcuts and lithographs produced from daguerreotype woodcuts made it look much better and cool and other things and stuff and yeah a
  • Fantasia High-Water Mark Of Animation.

    Walt Disney releases Fantasia, often regarded as the high-water mark of animation.
  • NBC and CBS have commercial.

    Both NBC and CBS launch commercial television stations in New York City; however, the effort will be largely put on hold during World War Two.
  • Red Scare

  • Supreme Court

  • I lovd lucy

  • Elsenhower runs 20 second campagin spot

  • TV Guide

  • Golden Age of television

  • Elvis presley discovered

  • See it bow

  • Video Tape

  • Internet

  • The beatles

  • Neil Armstrong

  • Richard Nixon

  • VHS

  • Dyamic Micraphone

    Inventors in the U.S. and Germany debut the dynamic microphone

  • Sony Walkman

  • Who Shot J.R!

    “Who Shot J.R.?” on “Dallas” is first TV season-ending cliff-hanger
  • CD Player

    Sony introduces CD player
  • Independent film

  • Talk radio

  • Web expands

  • Amazon

  • Microsoft Internet

  • DVDS

    DVDs make it a lot easier to watch a movie at home.
  • First Dell

    First Dell
  • Media Coveercie

  • Cell Phone

    Cell phones get much more advanded
  • iPod MP3

  • 9/11

    News make big view get lot people die much sad
  • American Idol

    American Idol
    American idol gives america a new source of america and something else to brag about.
  • iTunes

    iTunes makes the music market explode and make listening to music on the go a better option.
  • DD sourdough pizza Starts advertising on this website.

    2006 Food advertising starts to get popular and I think that is good
  • Revolutioning Smart Pones

    Smart Phones take over the cell phone market
  • 3D Revolutionizing

    3D gets popular and makes watching movies much more desirable than just waching the movie at home.
  • New in flight improvements on airplanes

    New in flight improvements on airplanes
    There are new
  • First 3D TVs

    Bringing 3D to the modern home.
  • A mind-reading camera that makes life GIF-able.

    A mind-reading camera that makes life GIF-able.
    A new camera revolutionizes taking pictures all around the world
  • New iOS 7 Released

    New iOS 7 Released
    iOS 7 bringing a new very updated operating system to smartphones
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