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The Industrial Revolution

By Warsaj
  • The Bessemer Method: The Booming of Cities

    The Bessemer Method: The Booming of Cities
    Henry Bessemer invented an inexpensive and efficient way for the production of steel. His production method allowed steel to made made in large quantities as cheaply as possible. This started the growth of large city buildings.
  • The Beginning: The Industrial Revolution

    The Beginning: The Industrial Revolution
    This was the beginning of major change between farm lands and cities. The 18th century sprouted new and creative inventions that allowed labor to become faster,easier and cheaper. These inventions would follow for centuries to become things the public could not live without.
  • Alfred Nobel: Dynamite vs. Black Powder

    Alfred Nobel: Dynamite vs. Black Powder
    Alfred Nobel invented an alternative method for clearing ways for major roads and train tracks in between mountains. The dynamite was a more controlled and safer method to use over black powder. Clearing pathways as crucial for this era. This allowed people, manufactured goods and products to be sent across the country.
  • Louis Pasteur: The First Vaccination

    Louis Pasteur: The First Vaccination
    While manufacturers and builders are progressing, the science aspect is making progressions too. The first vaccination is created and sold to help save lives. All from the simple idea that germs cause disease.
  • The "Telephone"

    The "Telephone"
    Alex Graham patents the "telephone". This came from the invention of the telegraph by Samuel Morse in 1844. This allowed people to speak and connect across the country.
  • Movies

    Eadweard Muybridge invents the first moving pictures.
  • Thomas Edison: The lightbulb

    Thomas Edison: The lightbulb
    Thomas Edison created the light bulb that was sustainable and lasted throughout the night. This invention was key because it allowed people to work at night rather than just during the day time.
  • Opening of The Brooklyn Bridge

    Opening of The Brooklyn Bridge
    This event was crucial for the growth of New York. This allowed many manufactured good and products to be sent over to the city for selling/ buying. This also allowed more population for the city as well.
  • Cash Register

    Cash Register
    The first working cash register was invented by James Ritty. This is a huge step for businesses.
  • Coca- Cola

    Coca- Cola
    John Pemberton invents the beverage Coca-Cola. This beverage was made with cocaine back then. Now they have discontinued the ingredient.
  • Motor Vehicle

    Motor Vehicle
    The first motor vehicle with four wheels is built by Gottlieb Daimler.
  • The Radar

    The Radar
    Heinrich Heirtz invents the radar. Today, we use these at airports to air traffic, speedometers and submarines in the Navy.
  • Zipper

    The zipper was invented and changed the whole clothing industry for the better. The clothes we wear now almost all have zippers.
  • The Vacuum Cleaner

    The Vacuum Cleaner
    Hubert Booth invented the vacuum cleaner. This cleaning object you can find in almost every house or building today. One of he most popular cleaning devices
  • Orville Wright: The Airplane

    Orville Wright: The Airplane
    Orville Wright invented the first plane not powered by wind. This invention is key for the later improvement of the airplane which is now one of the top ways to travel.
  • Paul Cornu: The Helicopter

    Paul Cornu: The Helicopter
    The helicopter was invented. This was another key form of travel for the Army/Navy?Military or medical purpose.
  • The Model T

    The Model T
    Henry Ford creates the model T car. This car is made faster and more efficiently through assembly lines. This allows the car to meet the high demands of the public
  • The Television

    The Television
    The first television is demonstrated for broadcasting and selling to the public for at home entertainment. This would be he start of a multi-million dollar industry.
  • Frozen Food

    Frozen Food
    Frozen food is being sold and is now the most popular way to buy and store food for families. The popular "TV Dinner" sky rocketed for the food industry. This was the cheapest and easiest way to get fresh food from factories to dinner tables.
  • The Computer

    The Computer
    A prototype of the first digital computer that can store and form data is completed by two college students. This is crucial for the future of technology of years to come.
  • IBM : Operating System

    IBM : Operating System
    IBM comes out with the first mass produced operating system that is able to run on any software. This is extremely expensive and only sold to people who could afford it.
  • Video Games

    Video Games
    The first video game was produced. This is huge in the computer and graphics industry and will remain in high demand and high in profit
  • Cell phones

    Cell phones
    The first cellphone call was made. Soon after, this invention would continue progressing for many years to come. The ell phone industry would soon be a multi-million dollar profit with cell phone towers across the world.
  • Barcodes

    The first products with bar codes arrive in stores across the country. This is a huge step for businesses . This allows organization and tracking between demand and profit of the consumers.
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft is made by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
  • The World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web
    Tim Berners-Lee invented the most important product of our time, the internet. This opened numerous doors for communication, endless information and a place where businesses could spread their name and sell their products. This was a extremely huge step for this generation and the technology following it.