Imagen recursos tecnologicos


  • Feb 23, 1435

    The book Della Pictura is written

    Leone Alberti Writes the book that systematizes the rules of drawing three-dimensional scenes on two-dimensional planes.
  • Feb 23, 1500


    Prehistoric humans paint images on the walls of their caves 8including a narrative composition).
  • The first english daily Newspaper

    The first english daily Newspaper
    The first daily newspaper begins publication.
  • England's parliament formally concedes the righ of journalists

    The right of jornalists to cover the procedings is allowed.
  • The first automatic digital computer

    The first automatic digital computer
    Carlkes Babbabge conce3ives the first automtic digital computer, the analytical engtine. A working model is not built until 1991.
  • Telegraph

    Samujel Morse debuts the telegraph. The invention revolutionizes the trasmisson of information.

    Louis Daguerre invents the daguerreotype, the first practical form of photographic reporoduction.
  • Publiching

    The birst magazines begin being published and lithopgraphs produced from deguerrotypes.
  • Europe and North America connecte by cable.

    Europe and North America connecte by cable.
    Europe and North America are briefly linked by a transatlantic telegraph cable.
  • Telegraphic line

    the associated press leases its own telegraphb line (from New York to Washington DC).
  • First telephone call

    Alexander Graham Bell makes the first phone call. izza is still another 75 years away.
  • Phonograph

    Thomas Alva Edison invents the phonograp. He also cuts the first recording a soulful rendition of "mary had a little lamb" "Maria tiene un corderito"
  • dynamic mycrophone

    Inventors in the US and Germany introduces the Dynanmic microphone
  • Incandescent light bulb

    Thomas Alva Edison invents the incandescentlight bulb.
  • Electromechanical machine that reads holes

    Herman Hollerith invents an electromechanical machine that reades perforated cards. He founds the "Tabulating Machine company" that lagter becomes the International bisness Machine Corporation.
  • Reproduction of books

    Development of the halftone processmakes it possible to reproduce photographs in books and newspapers.
  • Camera

    George Eastman introduces the Kodak camera and roll film.
  • Synchronized sound

    Dickson demonstrates the kinetophonograph, to Edison. This device synchronizes sound from a phonograph to images from a kinetoscope. Never succesfully developed, synchronized soud will nhot make its debut for another 37 years.
  • The first motion picture

    Luis and Auguste Lumiere make "la sortie des ouyriers de Luisine Lumiere considered the first motion picuture. Also, during this time, George Melies invents stop motion animation.
  • a film in Cuba

    Edison photographer William Paley fimls the Spanish-American War in Cuba
  • Sopt/motion animation

    Stop/motion animatiionis introuduced by Albert E. Smith and J. Stuart Blackton.
  • the first camera designed for children.

    Eastman introduces the Brownie, a one/dollar camera designed for children.
  • Wireless radio system

    Guglielmo Marconi perfects a wireless radio system.
  • Le voyage dons la luna

    Georges Melies releases the film bgesides stop motion, he also pioneers the use of slipt screens .
  • Nikelodeon

    Edwin Porter releases "the Great Train Robbery, which will popularize the Nickelodeon.
  • The Fax Mahine

    The Fax Mahine
    the fax machine was invented by German Scientist Arthur Korn
  • SOS from Titanic

    David Sarnoff, a Marconi wireless operator in New York receives the SOS from the sinking Titanic. He stays at his post for three days, receiving and passing on news of the disaster.
  • Teletype is introuduced

    Teletype is introuduced
    the teletype is introuduced. Jornalism is no longer predicted on the knowledge of Morse Code.
  • Telephone service / first electronic TV picture

    Telephone service is established between London and New York. Bell telephone laboratories tests wireless TV broadcasts.
  • Superman

    Superman makes his debut
  • Book using multimedia and intercativity

    Dorothy Kunhardt's PAT THE BUNNY is published. A simple book emplying multimedia and interactivity.
  • 1941 a 1945 US involvment in World War two.

    Great leapsforward are made in communications and computer technolgies. Disney uses animation to illustrate complex subjects in technical training films.
  • Polaroid camera

    Edwin Laond debust the Polaroid camera
  • 45 RPM counters

    RCA counters with the 45 RPM record (also known as single)
  • Computer for flight simulators

    Computer for flight simulators
    Computertechnology is used in flight simulators; arguably the first application of computer interactivity.

    IBM introduces the work processor
  • Visual effects

    Rock bands beging to add visual effects to their performances
  • The man on the moon

    The man on the moon
    Technology include laptop computers, small soilid-state lasers (wich lead to compact discs), cordless power tools, solar power cells, liquid crystals and tang. The best year of the history.
  • Fist video game system is released

    The Magnavox Odissey, the first home video game ¿sytem is released.
  • The fist computer language program written for the PC

    Bill gates and Paul Allen adapt BASIC to run on the Altair 8800 and sell the interpreter to MITS. The new company has a name: Micro-soft.
  • first IBM computer

    IBM releases its first PC
  • Internet as we know is created

    On January 1st. Internet is created when a stanndard networking protocol (TPC/IP) is adopted by all ARPANET users.
  • Compact Disk

    The compact disc is introduced
  • URL, HTML and HTTP

    Brithis Physicist Tim Berners-Lee propoeses a global hypertext system, The World Wide Web. During the next few yearsm he will develop the standards for URL, HTML and HTTP.

    The digital audio compression format MP3is invented at hte Fraunhofer Institute; a German research lab.
  • The first internet radio station

    The internet-s first radio station begins broadcasting using Mbone (IP multicast backbone) technology.
  • Digital cameras, fifty million channels and more

    Fifty million channles, DVD vidceo is introduced, Affordable digital cameras.
  • Downloads

    Napster debuts, allowing users to download (and share) their favorite MP3
  • RSS

    Realy simple syndication (is officially introduced. the format allows instant syndication of new and other content and will pave the way for the rapid rise of blogs and podcasts,
  • ITunes

    Apple introduces itunes and the iPod (October)
  • First cost-to cost television broadcast

    The first US coast-to coast television brtoacast takes place as president Harry S. Truman adresses the opening of the Japanese Peace Traty Conference in San Francisco.
  • Computer multimedia are in great demand

    Multimedia designers perform an essentian task when they merge different types of media for presentation to the public. though the history of multimedia development is a short one, the nature of multimedfia looks long and bright. We certainly agree with this statement.