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  • 4000 BCE


    It was one of the first media and was used by civilizations like the Egyptians
  • 3200 BCE


    It was the writing systemb by the Egyptians
  • 1500 BCE

    The alphabet

    The alphabet
    They went from simple images to a structured symbolism called The alphabet. The men have always had the necesity to comuncate with other people.
  • 300 BCE


    It was used by civilizations like the Greeks and materials were mainly animal skins
  • 105 BCE


    It was created by the Chineses to replace materials such as bamboo and wood, later it was introduced to Japan, Arabia, Spain, Italy, Frances and Netherlands.
  • 1450

    The Printing Press

    The Printing Press
    It is began with the Romans, since they had the stamps that helped them to print inscriptions in clay. However the modern printing press was created to 1450 by Johannes Gutenberg
  • The Electricity

    The Electricity
    It was discovered by Benjamin Franklin and from this discovery we begin to create the first telegraphic communications
  • Typewriter

    The first recorded attempt of a typewriter was made by the inventor Henry who caught the fountains of the Anne of Queen Great Britain.
    It was been used to writing letters to send them other kingdoms
  • Telegraph

    Telecommunications arise in an aproxximante way to the root of the invention of the te telegraph and the deployment of the telegraphic networks by the national geography, in Spain this device arise in 1851 an the principal uses for that was to send and receive messages from different parts of the localities and it was based on the transmission of information by means of electrical impulses and using established codes.
  • Phone

    It was invented by Antonio Meucci and presented by Alexander Graham Bell. It was created by Meucci because he needed to connect the ground floor of his house with his wife's bedroom, as she was inmovilized by reumatism
  • Phonograph

    Was the one of the first inventions to play music.
  • Radio

    Marconi had the merit of the invention of the radio, since it integrated the systems of the Hertz, Tesla, Branly, Lodge o Popov, in a same device. With this invention the world could spread messages, slogans, instrctions crossing borders and almost instantaneously, later the radio was a tool in the military world.
  • Television

    The origins of the TV date from 1884. However, it was up to 1925 when the scottish inventor John Logie, bases on an experience of a discs,a transmitter and a receiver that were used to transmit waves.
    The first public broadcasts of TV were made by the BBC on England in 1927
  • Radio Telephony

    Radio Telephony
    The firts transmission of long distance telephone radui is made between the United States and the United Kingdom by AT&T and the British Post Office
  • Computers

    It seems that the first generation computers formed by electronic valves of a considerable size, very high energy consumption and with many failures. The First computer was called Z by the german engineer Konrad Zuse
  • Transistor

    It was created by three engineers from the Bell Laboratory, which was major breakthrough in the telephony and the communications industry
  • Integrated Circuits

    Integrated Circuits
    The first integrated circuits made with chips are manufactured giving rise to the third generation of computers
  • Satellites

    The first satellite launched was from the telecommunications company Telstar and the fisrt television broadcast was between the United States and the Europe
  • Telephone Station

    Telephone Station
    the first public telephone station in the United States is installed with electronic componets even with some partially digital
  • Internet

    The internet is a set of communication networks developed in 1969 by the Company ARPANET, that connected the computers of a three universities in California, USA, to obtained information.
  • Cellphone

    The development of the cellphone was in 1947 in the Bell Laboratory, however it was up to 1973 when Martin Cooper, Motorola's director along with his work team developed the firts functional prototype.
  • CD's

    Sony y Phillips has created the first compact disc since 1981
  • Fiber Optics

    Fiber Optics
    The british Kapany invents the optical fiber, but its use would be implemented in the communications forty year later.
  • Whats App

    Whats App
    It was created and founded by Jan Koum, with the purpose of knowing if people were available to be able to chat through states. However it became a mass media through messages, including voice memos, images, videos. It is currently owned by Facebook
  • Facebook

    It was developed by Mark Zuckerberg. Originally a site for students was Harvard University, intended to exchange information in a simple way through the Internet. In 2007 the spanish version was launched and has an impact until today
  • Digital TV

    Digital TV
    The first to have a DTV system were the United States. Later the other countries of the World began to adopt this new System of the television