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History of Telecommunications Timeline

By Karsi
  • The First Telegraph Line

    The First Telegraph Line
    Claude Chappe establishes the first ever long-distance Telegraph Line.
  • The Construction of the Electric Telegraph

    The Construction of the Electric Telegraph
    Joseph Henry proposes to build an electric telegraph line and successfully finishes his project
  • The Morse Code

    The Morse Code
    Samuel Morse develops the Morse Code, which is still used in the Modern time.
  • Electric Printing Telegraph

    Electric Printing Telegraph
    A fore runner of the original Fax machine put out in the market.
  • The Construction of the first long-distance Electric Telegraph

    The Construction of the first long-distance Electric Telegraph
    Samuel Morse, after his success in creating a language, builds the first long-distance electric Telegraph
  • The first electric telephone exhibited in Boston

    The first electric telephone exhibited in Boston
    Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A. Watson successfully create the worlds first electric telephone.
  • The Phonograph is invented

    The Phonograph is invented
    Thomas Edison creates the first successful phonograph, used to record and play sounds. The system is pretty simple. The sound waves are recorded as physical deviations on a circular disc. To play the recording a stylus traces the deviations and recreates the sound recorded.
  • Direct Call Established

    Direct Call Established
    Almon Strowger makes a direct call network after stumbling into a couple troubles with his local telephone network. This is caused the Strowger Switch.
  • The first Broadcast

    The first Broadcast
    Russian Radio station based on Pittsburgh called KDKA started the first broadcast in history.
  • First TV Signal

    First TV Signal
    John Logie Baird writes his name in history by transmitting the first ever TV Signal.
  • Radiofax

    Commercial availability of the radio fax
  • The frequency hopping spread spectrum

    The frequency hopping spread spectrum
    Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil develop a communication technique very useful for tht time called the frequency hopping spread spectrum.
  • First Computer

    First Computer
    A Post Office research team led by telecommunications research engineer Tommy Flowers designed and constructed Colossus – the world’s first programmable electronic computer. It contained 1,500 electronic valves and played a crucial part in cracking German codes during the second world war.
  • Cellular Phones

    Cellular Phones
    Douglas H. Ring and W. Rae Young of Bell Labs propose a cell-based approach which led to "cellular phones."
  • TV is born

    TV is born
    A full scale TV signal broadcasting was put to action.
  • First Transatlantic telephone cable

    First Transatlantic telephone cable
    The first transatlantic telephone cable, TAT-1, was laid between Scotland and Newfoundland, Canada.
  • Geosynchronus Sattelite Launch

    Geosynchronus Sattelite Launch
    17.5 years after famous author Arthur C. Clarke's article the first geosynchronous satellite is launched, meaning the satellite takes the same amount of time to orbit the earth as the earth rotates around itself.
  • Fax Machine

    Fax Machine
    First modern fax machine commercially available (Long Distance Xerography)
  • First Email

    First Email
    First email sent (at MIT).
  • Change in waveguides

    Change in waveguides
    Charles Kao realizes that silica-based optical waveguides offer a practical way to transmit light via total internal reflection.
  • Internets ancestors are established

    Internets ancestors are established
    The first hosts of ARPANET, Internet's ancestor, are connected.
  • Fix for telephone trafficking

    Fix for telephone trafficking
    Erna Schneider Hoover invent a computerized switching system for telephone traffic.
  • 8-inch Floppy disk

    8-inch Floppy disk
    8-inch floppy disk removable storage medium for computers is introduced.
  • PC is established

    PC is established
    The personal computer (PC) market is born.
  • Nordic Mobile Telephone

    Nordic Mobile Telephone
    The world's first automatic mobile phone is put into operation
  • First Modem

    First Modem
    Hayes Smartmodem introduced.
  • Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft Word software is launched.
  • The World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web
    Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau build the prototype system which became the World Wide Web at CERN.
  • IBM Notes

    IBM Notes
    Lotus Notes software is launched.
  • WordPerfect

    WordPerfect 5.1 word processing software released.
  • GSM

    The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute is established.
  • Internet is evolving

    Anders Olsson transmits solitary waves through an optical fiber with a data rate of 32 billion bits per second.
  • First SMS

    First SMS
    Neil Papworth sends the first SMS (or text message).
  • Internet2

    Internet2 organization is created.
  • IBM Thinkpad 700C

    IBM Thinkpad 700C
    IBM ThinkPad 700C laptop computer created. It was lightweight compared to its predecessors.
  • Mosaic

    Mosaic graphical Web browser is launched.
  • Motorola StarTAC

    Motorola StarTAC
    Motorola StarTAC mobile phone introduced. It was significantly smaller than previous cellphones.
  • is launched, the first of a number of early social networking services
  • Sirius Radio

    Sirius Radio
    The Sirius satellite radio is introduced
  • Cyworld

    Cyworld adds social networking features and becomes the first of a number of mass-market social networking service
  • Skype

    Skype video calling software is launched.
  • YouTube

    YouTube, the video sharing site, is launched.
  • Reddit

    Reddit, one of the biggest and best social media networks ever created.
  • Twitter

    Twitter is launched.
  • iPhone

    iPhone is launched.
  • Facebook

    Facebook is launched, becoming the largest social networking site in 2009.
  • Whatsapp

    Whatsapp is launched.
  • Instagram

    Instagram is launched, one of the most useless social media application ever.
  • Snapchat

    Snapchat is launched.
  • Discord

    Discord is Launched
  • First Mars signal

    First Mars signal
    In 2030 the first mars colonizers from Earth reach mars and send a succes video and audio transmission
  • Holographic Technology

    Holographic Technology
    Russian Engineers succesfully create the worlds first holographic Tablet, and this will result in great inventions to come.
  • Second Party

    Second Party
    The second pair of colonizers will recah mars in 2050. This will result in the expansion of the HQ on mars and there will be more hands to help to help with the work.
  • Exo-Body

    The Dutch create protoptype smart body parts. These would be used to upgrade life efficiency and life span.
  • Exo-Body

    The dutch succesfully finalize their program by creating the first smart artificial eye. This eye connects to everything from your phone to your brain. You can zoom in and out and see notifications and control them with your mind.
  • Martian Colony

    Martian Colony
    The Martian Colony is up to 50-70 people. About 10 worker drones and worker robots are launched there to help expand the colony and living and working spaces.
  • Full body transplant

    The Americans work together with the Dutch to Move all your devices into an holographic projector just located on your forearms. The device works with thousands of pieces of nano-technology that helps transmits information between your armonitor and other smart devices located in your body. This helps move your whole mobile devices just in to your body. The positive about this is because of the new radiation cancelling flexible materials, the device wont show itself in anyway unless you use it.
  • Venus

    Humanity explores Venus via Super Exo-Suits to withstand the heat and radiotion as well as other set backs.
  • Humanity Evolves again

    Humanity becomes the ultimate lifeform. The brains and the muscles in an average human being are increased by 1200% because of the transplants made in the body. Because of the transplants the body was forced to evolve.
  • Speed of light Communication

    Humans have discovered a way to communicate faster than light. The materials in this piece of technology are all very efficient and the signals are transmitted through quantum entanglement.