This map represent the border between 13 colonies, indians, spain.

By d4v1d
  • the border

    the border
    this map represent the boder between the 13 colonies, indians and spain
  • The Stamp act of 1765

    The  Stamp act of 1765
    This act said that tax should be put in all printed documents. It affected almost all the colonist and so they got bery angry. The reaction of the colonists was that they started burning the stamps and protesting against King George III. The reaction the British was that they cancel the stamp act but also they decided that somehow they will show their autority by making new acts such as Tea act.
  • Quartering act

    Quartering act
    Because British didn't have money to pay the debt they had from the French and Indian war they ahd to make the Quartering Act.The quartering act forced colonist to help the British soldiers, take them insid etheir houses and giving the food and shelder. Some colonist protested and didn't follow the act but becaus eif was not enought the British government didn't cancel the act and they kept doing it.
  • the towshednd act

    the towshednd act
    This act made colonist paid taces for all glass, leand, paper and teathat wasn;t British.In fact, colonist were very angry and they decided to boycott and protest against British. British reacted by ignoing them and keep on taxing.
  • The Tea Act

    The Tea Act
    British wanted colonist to buy their Tea so they made the Tea Act.The tea act made British Tea cheaper than tea made in the colonies. The reacton of the colonist was that tehy were sick of all the acts that British have made so tehy took the British Tea and throw it inro thw River. This made British very upset and angry so hey decided to made the intolerable act as a punishment for the people of Boston.