Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

By BrookeL
  • The beggining

    fiction. 15 pages for single entry. pages read 7
    Hannah Baker made 13 tapes before she killed herself. The tapes explained why she killed her self and all the people that were involved to make her kill herself. The first guy is listening to the tapes and trying to find out what he has to do with it.
  • The first guy

    The first guy to get Hannahs tapes goes to Tonys house to borrow his tape player. As he is listening to the tapes he is thinking what did he have to do with Hannah Baker killing her self. He has no idea why he is involved and he is a bit scared.
  • Alex's joke

    He is listening to side 2 of the first tape. The next person to be involved in Hannahs death was Alex. He was involved because he made a list about all the girls in the freshman class and Hannah was on it. The part that she was on had affended her and was a joke to everyone else.
  • Hannah and Jessica

    Hannah is talking about when her and Jessica had met. It was a few days before school started when they went it in orientation.
    Also Aelx was a new student too. The three of them werent really friends they would always meet at monets to talk to eachother.
  • The three new kids

    After a while the three kids had stopped meeting at monets and had stopped talking to eachother. But one day Jessica told Hanna to meet her because she needed to talk. When they met Jessica had the list that Alex had made for the whos got and whos not. Jessica was mad because she was on the whos not side and Hannah was on the other side. After that Jessica and Hannah no longer talked to eachother because before they had met Alex, Jessica had liked him,
  • Peeping Tom

    Clay is sitting in monets when a girl comes up to him and says she has seen hum before. Turns out they had went to high school together two years ago. After they talk clay continues so listen to the tapes. This time Hannah is talking about her "peeping Tom" who is the guy tyler who lives by her. Tyler would always watch Hannah through her window and take pictures of her. It had took Hannah a while to figure out who it was and when she did she was shocked.
  • One day after school

    Hannah had told a girl that she knew from school about her peeping Tom. The girl wanted to see this guy and she if she knew him so her and Hannah went to Hannahs house one night after school. They sat in Hannahs room and talked and every few minutes they would hear click, the sound of Tylers camera go off. The girl finally rushed through the window to see the guy that had been taking pictures was Tyler
  • Courtney Crimsen

    Clay has figured out who the girl was that was with Hannah on the night that the two girls went to Hannahs house to see Hannahs peeping Tom, and hear the sound of his camera click. The girl was named Courtney Crimsen, Clay had reconized her from a picture of Hannah and Courtney that he had found in a book at monets.
  • Who was Courtney Crimsen

    Before Hannah killed her self she had found out that Courtney was just putting on a show when she would be nice to people. Hannah found out that Courtney was only nice to everyone so that she could be the most popular girl in school and everyone one would like her. But in reality most of the people she was nice to werent really her friends she was just nice to them so that they would like her.