Then & Now - Crucial moments in North Steyne's development

  • Begginning of Club Renewal

  • 200 Club Members

    Only 200 club members, with 150 actively on patrol
  • Club Wide Survey

    Club wide survey to ascertain details about members such as reasons for choosing North Steyne and reasons for patrolling
  • North Steyne Celebrates it's Centenary

  • Ammendment to Club Sonstitution

  • Club of the Year

    North Steyne wins club of the year
  • Junior Surf Boat Crew

    Motivation to establish a Junior Surf Boat crew
  • Strategic Plan Developed for 2008-2011

  • North Steyne is Awarded 'Cleanest Beach in Australia'

  • Club numbers hovor around 320

  • Whatever It Takes Advertisement Airs

    Australia wide adverstisement, staring 3 North Steyne members airs
  • North Steyne Awarded 2nd Place

    North Steyne awarded 2nd place at Branch awards.
  • Today

    North Steyne's current club status.