thee great war

  • assassination of archdike frank fredinend

    that a single terrorist act set off in chain
  • austria - hungary's declarction of war

    serbia set off a chain the alliance system
  • schlieffen plan

    a large part of the german army would race west ,to defeat france
  • battle of limanowa

  • first battle of the marne

    this was very important because the first battle of the marne was the most important event in war
  • battle of somme

    suffer devastating
    at battles of
    Verdun and
    the Somme.
  • gallipodi compaingh

  • Period: to

    batlle of the somme

  • unrestricted submarine warfare

    they gambled that their naval blackade would starne britain into defeat befor the united states could mobilize
  • united states enters war

    united states joinded the allies , the war had been going on for nearly three years
  • secong battle of the marne

    with the arrival two million american troops, the allied to began to duance steadily toward germay
  • armstice

    in a reailway car in a forest near paris , the two singed an armistice , or an agreement to stop fighting.
  • treaty of versailes

    the treaty of versailles between germant and the allied powers was singed in on june 28 five years to the day after franz ferdinand's assassination in sarajevo