The Winter of Red Snow

Timeline created by A.B.Thomas
  • Johnny is Born

    Johnny, Abigail's first brother is born!
  • The Soldiers Arrive

    Abby woke up very early hearing a drumbeat. The soldiers fighting against England are here! They started setting up camp.
  • General Washington Rents Mrs. Hewes House

    General Washington wants to rent her house to use it as a headquarter because it is so close to everything. He will pay her 100 pounds Pennsylvania currency.
  • Abby and Elisabeth See a Soldier Praying

    Abby and Elisabeth were walking in the snow when they saw a soldier bent down in the snow praying. They realized it was General Washington. They were glad their leader is religious.
  • Laundry

    General Washington's assistant came to the Stewarts' front door. He said that if they did General Washington's laundry then they would get forty shillings a month, so Abby brought a note to the headquarters the next day accepting the offer. He accepted and they started doing his laundry.
  • Epilogue

    Elisabeth got married to Ben Valentine, Abigail married a blacksmith, Helen married her late husbands brother. Abigail had nine children, Elisabeth had two children, and Helen had five more children.
  • Returning the Laundry

    Abby and Elisabeth were returning the laundry. Nobody was there except for General Washington. he was writing a letter and stopped. He said, "Thank you Abigail. Thank you, Elisabeth." they were shocked he knew their names.
  • Stolen Fence

    The American soldiers stole the Stewarts' entire North fence.
  • Valley Forge

    Abby, her friend Lucy, and their fathers went to Valley Forge to get their relatives because the Red Coats were theirs. Lucy cut her hair for nine shillings, and Abby gave food to the Redcoats.
  • Redecoration

    The Stewarts are asked to redo the room where Mrs. Washington and her friends will stay in.
  • Meeting Mrs. Washington

    Abby and Elisabeth saw Mrs. Washington's carriage pass their house. Their mama said that they could bring her bread. They met Mrs. Washington and she wanted them to stay, but they had to leave.
  • Store

    The general is setting up markets in his encampment for the soldiers because other markets are too expensive.
  • Lucy short hair is revealed

    One of the Fitzgerald boys pulls out Lucy’s bonnet in from of everyone. Her parents and all the people saw her short hair. She starts crying and Abby was there to comfort her.
  • Huts

    Mrs. Washington and Abby visited eight huts. They prayed with them and comforted them. Abby gave the hunting shirt she made to a little boy who needed clothing.
  • Miracle

    A miracle happened! The shad started to run in the middle of winter. The famine was over and the Stewart’s pantry was full!
  • Ice

    Abby was asked to go sliding on the river but she could not. Her friends went and the Fitzgerald’s chased after them. Her friends fell in a shallow part of the icy cold water but the boys did not. All of the Fitzgerald boys died.
  • Mrs. Kern

    Mrs. Kerns husband was a solider. Both of his legs were amputated and he died from a fever. They gave Mrs. Kern three weeks to get remarried or else she would be kicked of encampment. The Stewart’s took her in and she found out she was expecting a baby soon
  • Missing Person

    Late one night Mr. Smith came upstairs and woke up the girls. He was looking for Lucy. She went outside to get an egg and never came back. He could not find her and her parents are worried.
  • Wind

    After twenty four days of wind it finally stopped! The girls ran outside and were so happy. The weather was finally nice!
  • Good News

    When Abby and Elisabeth were returning the laundry they saw excited faces. They asked Billy Lee why and he said it was because the French were coming to help defeat the British in war!
  • French Soliders

    The French Soldiers arrived and they had uniforms, horses, guns, and cannons. They were practicing and everyone was so happy they were crying. Finally something good has happened!
  • Baby

    Helen had a baby girl named Olivia. She was very tiny and pink.
  • Lucy

    Abby told Lucy’s parents she will return home when her hair grows back. She did not tell them where she was.
  • Azors new coat

    Elizabeth gave Pierre and new coat. She never saw him wear it and when Abby and Mrs. Kern went to return the laundry they saw Azor wearing it. Azor is the dog!
  • Hannie

    Mothers sister Hannie wrote her a note. She had her sixth child and revealed that Lucy was staying with her.
  • Mr. Fitzgerald

    The British were releasing six patriots, one of which was Mr. Fitzgerald. Mrs. Fitzgerald has to tell him about their sons who died.
  • Army

    After six months of training the army left for battle. The are marching away.