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The Wheel

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    Invention of the Wheel

    Invention of the Wheel
    Researchers believe the wheel was invented in the year 3500 BC. This wasn't the exact year, but its pretty close.
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    In Mesopotamia, now current Iraq, is where the first wheel for transportation purposes where used. It was the year 3200 BC, the wheels were used to move Mesopotamian chariots.
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    Wooden Spoked Wheel

    Wooden Spoked Wheel
    The demand for faster transportation with the use of less material made this innovation reach its highest point. The Egyptians were said to be the first to make the wooden spoked wheel in 2000 BC on their chariots.
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    Iron Spoked Wheel

    Iron Spoked Wheel
    Stoked wheels with iron rim around them were first seen with the Celtics in 1000 BC. The Celtics used this innovation on their chariots.
  • Wire Tension Spoke

    Wire Tension Spoke
    The spoked wheel didn't really change over the years until 1802. In 1802, G.F. Bauer got a patent for the first wire spoked wheel. This wire spoke consisted of a length of wire threaded through the rim of the wheel and secured at both ends to the hub. Over the years, the wire spoked evolved into the round tension spoke.
  • Pneumatic Tire

    Pneumatic Tire
    The pneumatic tire, a tire made of reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air, was first to be patented by R.W. Thompson in 1845.Thompson's idea was soon innovated in 1888 by John Dunlop. Dunlop also patented his idea. Dunlop's tire soon replaced the the hard rubber tire used at that time.
  • Automobile Wheels

    Automobile Wheels
    In 1885, Karl Benz patented his automobile design, the Motorwagen. It was a three-wheel vehicle, that used bicycle-like wire wheels, which were fitted with hard rubber.
  • B.F. Goodrich Company

    B.F. Goodrich Company
    The B.F Company was found by André and Edouard Michelin. B.F. Goodrich Company invented longer lasting tires by adding carbon to the rubber.
  • Steel Welded-Spoke

    Steel Welded-Spoke
    Steel wheels are constructed with metal.The design has a steel hub, and steel wires connecting the hub to the rim. The steel wheels provides greater overall resiliency to road defects, and more comfort to passengers
  • Alloy Wheels

    Alloy wheels are lighter then steel wheels, but it provides the same strength. It also provide better heat conduction and it has a better look then the steel wheel.
  • Tweel

    The tweel was first announced on 2006. Like the first design, the tweel did not use a pneumatic solution. The rolling surface has a rubber tread, which is bonded to the hub from flexible spokes. Even though the tweel has many advantages, it also has a problem. When speed reaches to 50 mph, it causes vibration.