The Western Swamp Turtle

Timeline created by personabc123
  • Ludwig Preiss sent the first speciman to the Vienna Museum

  • Period: to

    The Western Swamp Tortoise

  • Siebenrock scientificly named it Pseudmydura Umbrina

  • Robert Boyd rediscovered it

  • Twin Swamps were made to protect the tortoises

  • At the southern end of Perth Airport one specimen was found

  • In Vienna museum biologist Gerald Kuchling sees the speciman

  • There are only 30-50 surviving animals in the twin swamps

  • A captive breeding program is set up by Gerald Kuchling

  • A recovery program for the western swamp was established

  • A management program was published

  • Perth Zoo was responsible for the captive breeding program

  • The recovery team created a recovery plan.

  • Captive-bred tortoises are re-introduced at the Twin Swamps Nature Reserve.

  • At Mogumber Nature Reserve a new population established

  • There are more releases at Mogumber NR of captive tortoises.

  • Western Swamp Tortoise group developed Friends.

  • At Perth Zoo there was a record number of tortoises that bred.

  • 48 captives were released at Mogumber NR

  • At Moore River NP more Tortoises were released.

  • 15 tortoises were released at Moore River, 10 returned to zoo.

  • 3 new hatchlings were discovered at Ellen Brook NR.

  • Perth Zoo’s captive breeding facility released 60 tortoises.