The Weeknd Road to Number One

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  • House of Balloons

    House of Balloons
    This was the date that The Weeknd had released his first official project with a mixtape named House of Balloons.
  • OVO Fest

    OVO Fest
    Drake brings out The Weeknd to perform at OVO Fest making this The Weeknd first ever major performance.
  • Trilogy

    The Weeknd had merged his three mixtapes into a compilation album called Trilogy. Trilogy debuted at No. 4 on Billboards 200.
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    Kissland Tour

    This is The Weeknd's first major tour that ended up taking him across the world.
  • KissLand

    The Weeknd had released his second album named Kissland. This would lead to his infamous Asian tour he had for Kissland. [](
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    The Madness Tour

  • Beauty Behind the Madness

    Beauty Behind the Madness
    The Weeknd released his third studio album named Beauty Behind the Madness. This album gave The Weeknd his superstar credibility. This album made him mainstream and more listened to in the general public. The album debuted at No. 1 on Billboards 200 with multiple songs breaking records and staying at the top of the charts.
  • Starboy

    The Weeknd releases his 4th official album called Starboy. This album put the The Weeknd's status as a pop-star to another level. This album debuted at No.1 and went to break records. This album brought in many awards and again, put The Weeknd miles ahead of any pop-stars during this time.
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    Legend of the Fall Tour

    The Weeknd spent most of this year touring and performing shows across the world.
  • My Dear Melancholy

    My Dear Melancholy
    The Weeknd surprises fans as he drops an unannounced EP title My Dear Melancholy. It debuts at No.1 and gives more awards to the talented artist.
  • After Hours

    After Hours
    The Weeknd releases his 5th album named After Hours. This album was again debuted at No. 1 with both already released singles Heartless and Blinding Lights also hitting No. 1. These songs and this album went to break many records that helped the songs and album in acquiring a lot of fame.
  • Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Super Bowl Halftime Show
    The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV halftime show. This is the biggest stage in America, with over millions of people watching from all around the world. This performance boosted many of the listeners to The Weeknd's music giving him even more fame and status in the music world.