The weekend (biografía musical)

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  • Nacimiento de The weeknd

    Nacimiento de The weeknd
    Abel Makkonen Tesfay or know as “The weeknd” was born on february 16 of 1990 inToronto Canadá
  • Adolecencia

    His childnood was not good because he started using drugs at early age
  • Inicios de su música

    Inicios de su música
    In 2010 he started uploading songs to Youtube an began to be recognized
  • Primer album

    Primer album
    In 2012 he released his first compilation work “Trilogy” , with 30 songs
  • Premios

    The weeknd won 3 Grammy awards and was nominated for a “Academia” and nine “ JunoAwards”
  • Primer album debutado

    Primer album debutado
    In 2013 he released his album debut titled “Kiss Land”
  • Cancion más exitosa

    Cancion más exitosa
    On august 29 of 2013 The weeknd released a music vídeo tiled “The hills” that debuted at number 20 on the list “Billboard hot 100”
  • Colaboracion más exitosa

    Colaboracion más exitosa
    In 2016 he collaborated with the duo “Daft Punk” producing songs as “Starboy” this was the number one in E. U. ando un other countries
  • Séptimo album

    Séptimo album
    On march 27 of 2018 The weeknd announced the new released of its “My dear melancholy”
  • Último álbum

    Último álbum
    Betwen 2019 and 2020 he released his current album “After Hours”