The Watsons go to Birmingham

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  • George Wallace inaugural speech

    George Wallace inaugural speech
    On January 14, 1963, George Wallace says who is the new Governor at the time says , "Segregation today, Segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever. This quote means to end segregation.
  • Meet the Watson's

    Meet the Watson's
    They live in Flint, Minnesota, and it’s very cold there. The first brother is Byron who is a tough kid in school while Kennedy, the Second brother is the smart one. The next one is the little sister Joey who is young and worried. There is also the dad who is cool and the mom who is serious and used to the warm weather.
  • Nazi Parachutes Attacks America and Get Shot Down over the Flint river by Captain Bryon Watson and his Flamethrower of Death

    Nazi Parachutes Attacks America and Get Shot Down over the Flint river by Captain Bryon Watson and his Flamethrower of Death
    Bryon is making a movie with toilet paper and fire. One day his mom finds out he is using the flamethrower and tells Bryon not to use the fire anymore, but he grabs it. So the mom see's the flamethrower gone and tries to find Bryon. Kennedy and Joey see Bryon doing the movie before mom so since Bryon is tough, Bryon will bully Kennedy if he doesn't protect him, Kennedy tells mom lies and distractions. His distractions go well, but not for long. This means Bryon is in big trouble by his mom.
  • Swedish Cremes and Welfare Cheese

    Swedish Cremes and Welfare Cheese
    Bryon has to buy groceries from a store and he doesn’t know how too. This means the mom trying to embarrass him since what he with the flamethrower. The mom also asks Kennedy to watch him. Bryon and Kennedy go out and Bryon says for Kennedy to by it for him. Kennedy buys it for him, but Bryon steals a lot of sweets. Kennedy doesn't tell, but since he threw up, Kennedy gives him an apple from a tree to make feel better, but Bryon gets angry at Kennedy because he throws up again.
  • Civil Rights Protest

    Civil Rights Protest
    On May 2, 1963, Thousands of African Americans protested about for segregation in Birmingham, Alabama. This caused them to be arrested.
  • George Wallace integration

    George Wallace integration
    George Wallace stands in a door of the University of Alabama to protest against integration before African Americans James Hood and Vivian Malone to enroll. This means they have a plan to protest.
  • Every Chihuahua in America Lines up to Take a Bite out of Bryon

    Every Chihuahua in America Lines up to Take a Bite out of Bryon
    Bryon walks in one day while mom was cooking dinner and Kennedy was doing his homework and Bryon had a hat on. So he walked back out and mom said "I smell a rat in here. Mom turns to Bryon in says to take the hat off and he has hair that looks reddish brown, straight, stiff, slick looking. This means the mom pulled Bryon by the hair to wait for dad mercy. When dad came home the dad went up stairs with Bryon into the bathroom and shaved it all off.
  • Ultra Glide

    Ultra Glide
    Dad comes home with a new car called the Brown Bomber. It is around 15 years old, so he wants Bryon and Kennedy to clean it. The more they cleaned the seats the worse it looked to dad. This meant he got white seats for it. After cleaning the windows and more they tested it out and it had a record player in it which dad was impressed by.
  • Bobo Brazil Meets Sheik

    Bobo Brazil Meets Sheik
    The family is in the Brown Bomber going to Birmingham, Alabama, to teach Bryon a lesson about being nice. It was a long drive from Flint and it took about 3 days. When they got there they saw grandma Sands for the first time in a while and they hugged her. They also saw Mr.Robert who is a friend of grandma Sands with his brave dog. They spent sometime and they said it was like living in a oven. Kennedy didn't even put the blanket on and he was so hot.
  • I have a dream speech

    I have a dream speech
    In 1963 it was time where people Martin Luther King wanted white people and black people to be together. This also meant white people got more than the black people. So it was the time of segregation.
  • I meet Winnie's Evil Twin Brother, The Wool Pooh

    I meet Winnie's Evil Twin Brother, The Wool Pooh
    Mr.Robert tells Bryon and Kennedy a story about the Wool Pooh which sounds like that from the southern accident but it's actually whirlpool. After he tells the story Kennedy goes to see if it's real. When he goes the Wool Pooh grabs in the water and he can't escape. Mr.Robert said if you get close to it, it will drown you. Kennedy was trying to run but he couldn't. He screams and Bryon saves Kennedy and eventually the Wool Poohs gone. After that, Bryon tells Kennedy not to tell anyone.
  • The Worlds Famous Pet Hospital

    The Worlds Famous Pet Hospital
    One day Joey is going to Sunday school. Everyone is just having a normal morning until mom yells and says, "A bomb hit the church." They run to the church to see what happened. Kennedy is brave and goes in to the church to find Joey. He couldn't find her so he sits down and cries, but Joey comes whats going on. Kennedy doesn't want to tell so Kennedy bring Joey to his family and Joey never finds out what happened. After that, the Watson's go back to Birmingham with Bryon and he was being nice.
  • The bombing of the church

    The bombing of the church
    On September 15, 1963, a church in Birmingham, Alabama, got bombed. In addition four people died twenties got injured .
  • Period: to

    The Watson's go to Birmingham

    The Watson's are a weird family, but this year is different. The Watsons have plenty of events 1963. Read to find out.