the us. history timeline by alex parsons

  • lost colony

    sir walter raleigh was founded on Roanoke Island.
  • Jamestown

    jamestown was founded
  • House of Burgesses

    first represebtive assembly in new world in jamestown
  • mayflower compact

    mayflower compact was signed the first form of self-government.
  • providence,RI

    Roger Williams founded providence, RI
  • British Parliament

    British Parliament passed first Navigation Act.
  • planter agaienst british government

    Nathaniel Bacon led planters against autocratic British government.
  • treaty with Delaware Indians

    William Penn sighned treaty with Delaware Indians and made payment for Pennsylvania lands.
  • Witchcraft executed

    Witchcraft delusion at Salem, 20 alleged witches executed by special court.
  • First book published by Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin published the first poor Richard's Almanack
  • John Peter Zenger criticizing the British government

    John Peter Zenger was acquitted of libel in New York after criticizing the Britsh governor's conduct in office.
  • sinner in the Hands of an angry God

    Famous sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God delivered at enfrielf, MA.
  • Delegates

    Delegates from 7 colonies to albany, NY, Congress.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act, enacted by Parliament requried revenue stamps to help fund royal troops.
  • Townshed Acts

    Townshed acts levied taxes on glass, painters lead, paper, and tea.
  • Intolerable Acts

    Intolerable Acts of Parliament curailed Massachusetts self-rule.
  • Virginia convention

    Patrick Henry addressed Virginia Convention said "Give me liberty or give me death!"
  • Common Sense

    Tomas Paine published Common Sense
  • Washington defeated Cornwalls!!

    Washington defeated Lord Cornwallas at Princeton.
  • Vincennes taken

    George Rogers Clark took Vincennes,
  • Bank of North America

    Bank of North America incorporated made
  • slavery illegal in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts Supreme Court Declared slavery illegal in that state.
  • Shay's Rebellion

    Shay's Rebellion of debt-ridden farmers in massachusetts.
  • First President elected

    Gorege Washington elected for President.
  • BOR

    Bill of Rights went into effect
  • Washington inaugurated

    Washington inaugurated for second term
  • Whiskey Rebellion

    Western farmers protesting on the taxing on liquor
  • Washingtons farewell address

    washingtons farewell address as president deliverd
  • Alien & Sedition act

    Alien & Sedition Act passed by Federalists
  • Supreme Court chief justice

    John Marshall named Supreme Court chief justice
  • Marbury v. Madison

    Supreme Court in Marbury v. Madison for the first time overturned a U.S. law.
  • Lewis and Clark expedition

    Lewis and Clark expedition ordere by President Tomas Jefferson.
  • First Steam boat

    Robert Fulton made first practical steamboat.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812 w/ Great Britan
  • Britsh fleet defeated

    Oliver H. Perry defeared British fleet at Battle of Lake Erie.
  • British landed in Maryland

    British landed in Maryland in August defeated U.S. force
  • Spain ceded Florida

    Spain ceded Florida to U.S.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    Monroe Doctrine opposing European intervention in the Americas
  • Famous debate

    Famous debate
  • abolitionist newspaper

    William Lloyd Garrison began abolitionist newspaper
  • Trail of Tears

    Cherokee Indians forced to walk Trail of Tears
  • first telegragh line

    First message over first telegragh line
  • Mexican War

    Mexican War began when president James Polk orderd troops to seize texas
  • Gold discoved

    Gold discoved in Calafornia
  • Compromise of 1850

    Califonia admitted as the 31st state
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Harriet beacher stowe published Uncle Tom's Cabin
  • Republican party formed

    Republican party formed at Ripon
  • Dreat scott

    Dreat scott decision by Supreme Court.
  • First oil indestry

    Edzin Drake drilled the first commercially productive oil well.
  • New England shoe workers go on strike

    Approximately 20,000 New England shoe workers went on strike
  • Confeterate states of America made.

    7 southern states make the Confeteratey States Of America
  • Union forces are victorious

    Union forces are victorious in western states
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Lincon issued Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves.
  • Confetrate surrender

    27,800 troops to genral Grant
  • Hohnson tried to remove secretary

    Hohnson tried to remove secretary
  • 15 Amendment

    15th admendment make race no bar to voting rights
  • Red Cross

    Clara Barton founded the American Red cross.